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Top 3 Security Plugins for your Minecraft Server

Posted Jul 29, 2022  •  Updated Jul 30, 2022

When running a public minecraft server, one of the highest priorities - should always be security. Keeping security strong is important to secure both your players and your server itself. Polymart has a lot of resources, and a lot of them can assist you in improving your general server security. 

So I have found 3 of the best security plugins for your minecraft server, no matter if you are running a small server with your friends, or a larger network - these plugins can help you!


SpigotGuard - by yooniks


SpigotGuard by yooniks is a highly-rated resource here at Polymart, which helps prevent crashes, and patches exploits like BlockPlace, WindowClick, Sign crashers, Payload flood and too many register channels, Every book, skull/head and firework (NBT) exploits. 

SpigotGuard comes with a handy GUI interface which allows you to watch detections, and more from a simple GUI. The Detections GUI allows you to see who attempted one of the blocked exploits.

SpigotGuard comes with support for versions from 1.7.x all the way to 1.17.x.

I personally love this plugin for all of it's checks and explot fixe which comes in handy in all kinds of different server types, no matter if it's PvP based or Hardcore/Survival etc. - this plugin is great!


Spartan AntiCheat - by Vagdedes


Spartan Anticheat is a top-rated anticheat made by Vagdedes. Spartan Anticheat has been on the market since 2016, and has since then been developed to block over 200 individual hacks. Spartan Anticheat is also highly optimized, and provides balance between processor and memory, while also moving tasks on other threads to help boost your server's performance. 

Spartan Anticheat supports a large range of plugins and server software.  Spartan Anticheat can be modified easily, you can customize many of the punishments, messages, settings, compatibilities, and more to make it unique. 

It can also alert you in-game when a hacker is in the server. With support for SQL Databases, you can use it through your whole network.

I personally love this plugin for the updates, customer support, the checks and the GUI interface.




C@PTCHA is a captcha system which can help you prevent bots from entering your server. With captcha modules like RandomWordImage, RandomWord, SimpleMath, ReserveWrod, ReverseWrodImage. Captcha utilizes maps from Minecraft with custom images on the maps, and the chat. You can also customize a punishment for failing the captcha test directly in the configuration file. 

You can configure a bypass-permission, and you can try out a specific module directly in-game by using /captcha try <module name>.

I personally like this plugin because of it's modules, which is all highly customizable and easy to use. It's a small layer of protection, which can be really helpful in keeping bots and non-real players out of your server. It's also really great that it supports most versions of Minecraft, and various different server software.


That's all three plugins we have for security. These are all available on Polymart, and purchasable.



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