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Top 3 Additions for your Minecraft Server you Might Not Know About

Posted Jul 29, 2022  •  Updated Jul 30, 2022

Polymart offers a lot of different resources to help you improve and build your Minecraft Server. I have collected 3 amazing additions for your Minecraft Server that can make your minecraft server even better!


Ultimate Auto Restart - by Norska [FREE]

Ultimate Auto Restart is a great plugin by Norska, that assists you in automatically restarting your minecraft server, and notifying your players. If you are tired of having to restart at a specific time every day, you can use this plugin to get it done automatically. The best of it all, it's FREE! 

Ultimate Auto Restart comes with a large amount of features, but if you want more features, Norska has created a Plus version as well with even more features. Click here to view the Plus Version [2.50 EUR].

I personally have used this plugin for various different minecraft servers I have owned or managed. Especially when I made my Survival Server. I wanted to run scheduled restarts to keep the server clean, and this plugin did it for me exceptionally good.

Visual File Editor - by jojodmo [4.99 EUR]

Are you tired of entering your server panel or your FTP in order to change things in your minecraft server - jojodmo has created a amazing plugin which allows you to change values in server files using a GUI interface. This plugin is great for small and big servers, in order to change both small and big things in your minecraft server. This plugin is listed at the price of 4.99 Euro. 

If you are a bit more advanced, and want to run Java Code in your Minecraft Server, jojodmo has also created a resource that does that - View MCJava here!

This plugin is great for smaller changes and things you need to edit in your server files easily. When editing YAML Files, you can simply edit the key and the value for each thing in any yaml configuration in your server files.

Elite Pets - by Splodgebox [6.99 GBP]

Do you want to add a unique new feature to your minecraft server? Well, Splodgebox has created a great inventory pets plugin with a lot of customization options and unique features. With custom effects, premade pets, pet leashes, and a interactable GUI interface, this is a great plugin for the price. 

I personally have used this plugin to have a unique feature in my minecraft server. The premade pets come in really handy when you do not have a lot of experience when it comes to making custom ones. The plugin runs well, and is configurable. 


All of the resources mentioned is available at Polymart at the time of writing this, and you can purchase them or download them directly from Polymart. 

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