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AlcheMC Skyblock - Hiring!

Posted by ArcticDev_ Mar 8, 2023
Positions Hiring

» Builders - payment is open for discussion! » Admins - Specifically looking for individuals who can create config content to design spec. » Artists - not urgently hiring, but would love to include someone on the team!

  • Resource Pack Artist needed for long term production
  • Logo/Branding Artist needed for short commission
    About AlcheMC

The overall gamemode is Skyblock - with a unique twist of players being required to use an internally developed Alchemy System to create the sources and custom items needed to be successful in the game design. This is our key feature - and is supported by a "soft" adventuring island hub where players can fight mobs and obtain custom items to be converted into OP Gear, Furniture and Decor, and various other things.

About The Team

The team currently consists of two programmers and one administrator who is working some configs when they have time. As the project lead and owner, I myself am also filling the roles of Builder and Artist which is overall slowing development.

Additional Information

Server External Design Doc » Staff Discord (applications) » Public Discord (follow the project!) »

Feel free to join either discord and ask questions! I'm pretty open about our development since a lot of the core features are private development!