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Looking for talent staff

Posted by LoneDevilX Jun 6, 2021

🔈 *RECRUITMENT ALWAYS AVAILABLE We are an Asian server hosting in Singapore, currently seeking for a passionate, matured, responsible and talented teammate who is interested to create a better server, better game experience for players!! Join our team, let us create a different server!

Who are we looking for? 1.  Builders x 5 2.  Quest creator - BetonQuest x  2 3.  MMOItem creator x1 - creation of weapons in config. 4.  Helperx 2

  1. Mobs Creator x 2 - creation of skills & mobs in Mythicmobs Config

REQUIREMENTS: 🌟Age ≥ 16 🌟 passionate, matured, responsible and talented teammate 🌟 In love of interact players & active staff 💓 🌟 Well communication in English and (Optional Chinese) 🌟 Team-player 🌟 Volunteer  

  1. Builders >> Able to work yourself & WorldEdit, sense of beauty & creativity
  2. Quest creator >> Creativity on ideas of Quest, with Experience in BetonQuest
  3. MMoItem Creator >> Ideas of Items, Able to work orderly, with Experience with MMOItem
  4. Helpers >> Sense of responsibility, Willing to help players & do little config settings #Active
  5. MythicMobs Creator >> Creativity on creating mobs & its skills, with Experience in MythicMobs

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