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SupportBot is looking for Community Developers

Posted by ItzEmerald Dec 24, 2020

Time has come! Our community development program has been re-vamped and is ready to go live once again. We have added some new guidelines to help remove inactivity but lets go through the role first.

So as a community developer you will be given the permission to create an add-on for SupportBot and it will be marked as TRUSTED/VERIFIED. Non-community developer add-ons will not be marked as TRUSTED/VERIFIED.


Don't think you can escape requirements!...

  • You must have knowledge in the supported languages for SupportBot (NodeJS)
  • You are able to dedicate enough time into create additional features for SupportBot
  • You can complete challenges set by the Administration Team.


Once a week we will set a challenge for Community Developers to work one, They will be set to deadline in a weeks time and tested by the Admin Team. Failing to comply with at least 2 a month will remove you from the program.

Join Community Development Today! Simple! Use -ticket in our discord server