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Custom Rankup Setup

Posted by Larinaria Jul 4, 2021

Rankup is a premium plugin and not part of this offer.

You should already own Rankup before placing an order!

Get Rankup here:

THE SERVICE What I'm offering is a Custom, fully functional rankups.yml (and optionally prestiges.yml as well). Any changes to Rankup's configuration will be covered. If you have groups and perks ready I will include them in the service once you send me the list. If you don't have any groups set up, I will be happy to include them in the service for no extra cost. Configuration of groups is excluded from offer. If you already have your groups set up, you will get more out of this offer, since I will be able to add more information to the file.

In short, you will receive:

  • A fully functional rankups.yml
  • A fully functional prestiges.yml (if ordered.)

ETA The ETA depends on the order size. I will let you know beforehand, of course.

RESTRICTIONS Rankup as a plugin has some restrictions that you should be aware of before placing an order so you don't get surprised when placing it.


  • The /ranks GUI cannot currently accommodate more than 54 ranks. The GUI is limited to a double chest. If you exceed the amount, Rankup won't work. Text-based /ranks will continue to work.
  • Rankup is only guaranteed by the Dev to work on Spigot. Purpur and Paper will also work, but aren't guaranteed. Anything else is not recommended by the dev.
  • Rankup works very poorly with GroupManager.

Read Rankup's FAQ for more information.

EXAMPLES OF MY WORK RanksGUI: RanksGUI Confirmation GUI: Confirmation GUI


Price per Rankup step. €1,50 extra per prestige per Rankup step. €0,20

Example You want 10 Rankup steps with 5 prestiges. That will amount to €25.- ( €1.5 + €0.2 × 5 prestiges per rankup ) × 10 rankup steps = €25.-

CONTACT My preferred method of communication is Discord. Discord: flurbudurbur#2085 Discord server: Email: [email protected]