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SilverSpell Recruitment

Posted by ArcticRaven Jul 11, 2021

About Us

SilverSpell is a Dungeons server with a MMORPG framework. What does this mean? The best way to describe it is a fun-sized MMO server. We have been in development about 2 years and now have several custom resources and specialized framework thats getting better by the day. What we need is the rest of a team to pull everything together and get a proper launch. This is where you come in!

Roles (last updated 11/07/21)

  • Builders
  • Content Creators (Mob designers, Item planners, artists, etc.)
  • Admins (full)
  • Moderators (full)

Requirements All staff must meet our minimum requirements Age: 16+ Builders and Artists must have a prepared portfolio

Contact Us Server Discord: Server Website: Personal Discord: •••|Arctic|•••#1730

Individual intersted in applying should open a staff application ticket in the main discord!

Thanks for your interest!