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⭐🦄Looking for Senior Staff + Team Staff for The Last Blockbender!🦄⭐

Posted by Nachtmaken Sep 14, 2021


What is The Last Blockbender?

We're a community that loves Avatar the Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra and Minecraft! Join our Minecraft server to become a bender yourself and control the elements in Survival and 10+ Arenas! We host weekly + monthly events across our 3 servers; Survival, Creative, and Arenas where you can earn rewards and perks for participating.

What Staff are we looking for?

Normal Staff:

We are looking for everything (except helpers we have too many of those!). If you're interested in a normal staff role feel free to join our discord server and do /apply in #applications and have a look around!

Senior Staff:

This is quite all-encompassing tbh but we need a couple of people who are willing to do either planning or execution of the project and we just want to have a chat in general about where you would want to fit in the staff team and what role/tasks you would like to oversee. Eg. This could be project planning or leading the community and events team... there is no real role description here and we are open to having a chat about what you wanna do! :) For this DM Nachtmaken#4248 for more info and to start the chatting process.


Looking for staff: Normal Staff do /apply in the applications channel (on discord) and play on the server

Senior Staff: DM Nachtmaken#4248 on discord


Server ip:


Nachtmaken (TLB Manager)