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Looking for developers

Posted by Danidev819 Feb 17, 2022

Who are we? LyMarket is a Sub Company of LyDark Studios focused on the Minecraft Marketplace, we offer any kind of thing related to the game and also for Servers.

Plugin Development:

Our Java Dev Team is growing up slowly, so in terms of capability to develop multiple plugins for different customers... lets say that we are handling well. This is due to the high quality plugin development, this means that we take our time to get the best job for you or your server!

General information: All the plugins are delivered already obfuscated for our privacy! For every plugin you buy, you would be able to get the src for a price that will be decided when the plugin is delivered.

Language Support: In our discord we have both English and Spanish support!

Prices: The most important section right? Well prices are cheap, you will see:

Spigot Little plugin: $1-5 Support: Config support Ex: A simple Plugin to disable the weather. A plugin to make some minimal changes to the server. A plugin to remove join/left msg and change them in the config Small plugin: $5-15 Support: Config support Ex: A plugin to change the chat and sen hover over messages. A plugin with 1-7 simples commands. A plugin with 2 mediums commands. A plugin with 1 hard command. Medium plugin: $15-50 Support: Mysql/Mongodb integration for large servers. RESTApi support. Bungeecord/Velocity connection (The B/V plugin won't be considerer in the price, meaning it would have to be consider as another plugin) Ex: A Hub Core. A Core with a bunch of commands. A plugin with Bungeecord/Velocity connection. A Economy Plugin. A Level System Plugin. Big plugin: $50-∞ Support: Plugins for multiples servers(Networks) Multiple Version support Ex: An Api for your network(User support with custom data, an basically what ever you would like to have) Large plugin. Something else that is not mentioned before in the list. StaffCore Not supported(By Now): By now we are NOT developing minigames. Deep and hard NMS/Packet plugin.

BungeeCord/Velocity Small plugin: $5-15 Support: Simples commands. Messages to players. Sending Players thought servers. Do stuff with Events. LunarsClient's Star (Only for BungeeCord) Ex: A few commands like /ping, /lobby or even /stream Medium plugin: $15-30 Support: Mysql/Mongodb Multiples commands Conection with Custom Spigot plugins.

Ex: A plugin able to connect all your servers together with your custom plugin. A plugin able to share information of your players/staff Global messaging.

Big plugin: $30-∞ Support: Everything the devs could handle Ex: The Proxy side of the Spigot Api for your Network

For more information of refunds, ways to pay and so, get into this Discord Server: