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Experienced Developer (7yrs.) | Plugins, Discord bots, websites, ...

Posted by GuillaumeVDN Aug 12, 2022

Hello and welcome !

My name's Guillaume and I am a 21 years old developer from Belgium.

I began programming using Java and Bukkit/Spigot in 2015. Since then, I went through many projects, and am now experienced with most of its aspects. I'm self-taught, but I also learned some stuff and discovered new domains of development when I started going to uni three years ago!

My offer :

I can create any kind of plugin, from very small ones to gigantic projects. It really can be anything : minigames/gamemodes, RPG-related stuff, entities mechanics, scoreboards, cosmetics, faction-related, enchantments, quests, jobs, PVP, random chests, ...

My goal is to give you control and to make my plugins as user-friendly as possible. For this, I use my own plugin library, which includes a variety of small QoL features for you and your players :

  • Complete configuration files (all texts or interfaces visible to the players, items, scoreboards, GUIs, and at least some basic customization of the features even if you didn't specify it) ;
  • Comfortable commands with tab-completion and argument validation ;
  • Reload command ;
  • Customized storage, by default, on either JSON/MySQL/SQLite, as you like ;
  • Automatic support for all recent Minecraft versions (1.7 to 1.19) ;
  • ...

Feel free to also ask me about other development projects, such as Discord bots or websites. I'm experienced in those domains as well!

My experience and portfolio :

I have a few public plugins published over the years, you can check them on my SpigotMC profile. Some of them are pretty good, I think!

Besides that, I have a lot of experience with custom plugins. I maybe have had more than 50 customers and made more than 100 successful plugin orders.

You can find a detailed list of projects on my website if you wish to see examples of what I've made for other people. (the look of that website is not really reflecting my skills in web development...)

Vouches : you can find some vouches on this offering thread or in the reviews of my public plugins, and I'll post new ones in this thread once I've completed some orders.

Timing and pricing :

I try to spend a few hours a day to developping things, or learning things related to development, so the orders are completed relatively fast. It depends of course on the required features, but it'll usually be completed within a few days!

About the price, again, it really depends on the required features. It can goes from 10$ to a ton of money. I do not have categories such as "small, medium, big" because I don't really think it can be accurate. However, it's most of the time between 10$ to 50$ (can be more for big projects).

Here's a list of some plugins I've made, and how I'd price them today :

  • A simple kits plugin : $10 and 1 day.
  • A basic mob stacking plugin : $15 and 1 day.
  • A simple shop with buy/sell items : $20 and 1-2 days.
  • A spawners management GUI for players : $20 and 2-3 days.
  • A jobs plugin, with different ways of gaining experience : 25$ and a few days.
  • A complete Pacman minigame, with visual effects and details : $30 and 1 week.
  • A custom enchantments plugin with something like 10 enchants : $50 and 1 week.
  • A complete UHC host plugin, with lots of modes and game options : $100 and 2 weeks.
  • ... that can give you an idea of my pricing/timing.

Practical details : I accept PayPal or bank transfer. For orders above $25, I will usually ask for a down payment, usually not more than 25% of the price. After a complete demonstration of the plugin (either through a video, a Discord call, or a test server), and once the payment has been received and is displaying on my account, I will send you the plugin jar file as well as its source code.

Getting in touch with me :

I've made a Google Forms for all details. Feel free to fill it, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

You can specify any means of contact, but Discord is preferred.

Looking forward to work with you!