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Everly | Custom YouTube notification bot

Posted by astrid Jan 29, 2023

Everly allows you to bring your bot, customize the bot's name, about me, profile picture, and more! Typically, this feature would only be a thing for self-hosting, which takes a monthly fee each month; but look no further! Let Everly do all the work; thanks to its serverless infrastructure, your bot will be on 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime rate. While without paying for hosting on a subscription basis :)

How does this differ from something like MEE6 or Arcane?

Firstly, MEE6 costs $12 each month for this feature (without bot customization), and it could be faster, frequently not even working. Arcane, however, works, but it can be better. Secondly, these bots need to allow for in-depth customization. With Everly, you can customize every detail with embeds and buttons (did I mention complete control over the bot account!?)

Let me know your thoughts, and find more information at the store or our Discord