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Developers API - developers help
Anthony01M  FEB 28, 2021  |  PLUGIN HELP  |  10 MESSAGES
Hello,so I'm kinda lost and my plugin is basically developers / server owners based. if you're a server owner or a developer and would like to have an API on a logs system which have, MySQL integration / text file, in game chat logs/ what would you use an API for & what would you want it to be used/what do you basically want the API for. I'm currently thinking like my reports plugin integration/hook into my logs plugin, but honestly that's just a limit to my thinking and that's what I don't like, if I want to be a serious person I'd be wanting to see what others want to lead success for both sides, not just one. Does anyone, by any chance, have anything I'm able to do for developers API, e.g: if someone got maybe flagged for swearing, duping (check logs in case they want to see how the person dupe if the person admits to it), admits to hacks, etc. would be much appreciated to know what the needs are. Here's a few screenshots of me suffering tbh: