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This is a plugin every server network should have. It allows the listing of files & folders in a database, that will be synchronized when modified with all the other servers running the plugin. Commands can also be executed after synchronization, so reloading configurations & cache gets as easy as it can be.

Any SQL Database
Same Timezone Servers

/autosync add <file> [command] allows you to add files to the synchronised queue.
/autosync remove <file> allows you to remove files from the synchronised queue.
/autosync list allows you to list all files in the synchronised queue.
/autosync reload allows you to reload the configuration and plugin cache.

autosync.admin gives you all permissions.
autosync.reload allows you to execute the command /autosync reload.
autosync.add allows you to execute the command /autosync add.
autosync.remove allows you to execute the command /autosync remove.
autosync.list allows you to execute the command /autosync list.

Compatibility Information
This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Any other server types "may work" but are not officially supported. Additionally, the English keyboard is supported but other may be incompatible. All incompatibilities can cause functionality & support difficulties.

Configuration / Developer API