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  • Bridging Mode
    • Players spawn with 4 stacks of wool, and must reach the island nearby, by beating their best time.
    • Players can change practice settings.
  • MLG Mode
    • Players spawn with a Water Bucket and they must land without getting damage.
    • Players can change practice settings.
  • Fireball/TNT Jumping Mode
    • Players spawn with fireballs, and they must fly as long as possible to beat their high score.
    • Players can change practice settings.
  • Practice NPC (requires Citizens)
    • There are 4 types of NPCs:
      • Menu (Will open the Mode Selector Menu)
      • Bridging
      • MLG
      • Fireball / TNT Jumping
  • Spectator Mode
    • Players can spectate each other practicing
  • Proxy Support
  • Player Statistics
    • Bridging Mode
    • Fireball / TNT Jumping
  • Lobby Options
    • Teleport upon joining
    • Toggle join or quit messages
    • Allow damage from players and mobs
    • Block break protection
    • Remove hunger
  • Per-Player Language
  • Scoreboard
    • For each practice mode
  • Tablist & Chat Formatting
  • Placeholders (click for placeholders list)
  • Languages:
    • English
    • Romanian
    • Polish
    • Deutsch
    • Chinese
    • Italian
    • Vietnamese
  • Database:
    • MySQL (Store data across multiple practice servers)
    • FlatFile (Store data locally)
  • Inventory Cache
  • Cooldown (upon switching practice modes)
  • Customisable config
  • Developer API
  • Player commands
    • /bwp (Opens the Mode Selector Menu)
    • /bwp quit or leave (Quits the practice arena)
    • /bwp bridging (Joins Bridging Mode)
    • /bwp mlg (Join MLG Mode)
    • /bwp fireballtntjumping (Joins Fireball/TNT Jumping)
    • /bwp spectate (Spectate a player)
    • /bwplang (Change the displayed language)
  • Admin commands | bedwarspractice.admin / bedwarspractice.*
    • /bwpa setLobby (Sets the practice lobby)
    • /bwpa schem
      • create (Teleports to the schematic creator world)
      • list (List with required practice schematics)
      • load <name(Load a practice schematic from the plugin)
      • pos <12wand(Select the containing blocks of a practice schematic)
      • save <name(Save practice schematic)
      • leave (Leave the schematic creator world)
    • /bwpa setup
      • list (List with required practice configurations)
      • set <name(Load the schematic and teleport to schematic's spawn)
      • pos <12wand(Select the containing blocks that should mark the finished state)
      • save (Unloads the schematic and saves the practice configuration)
      • quit (Leave the practice setup)
    • /bwpa setNPC (Set Practice NPC)
    • /bwpa delete NPC (Delete Practice NPC)
    • /bwpa build (Allow building in lobby, for the executor)
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    • You can use this plugin on as many servers as you would like, but they must be a part of a BungeeCord network.
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    • Spoken languages are English and Romanian.