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Why was Honeypot created?
Honeypot is a customizable anti-grief plugin which allows any placeable block to be used as a trap for players looking to grief. It can be used to catch Xray-ers, deter griefers from breaking unprotected builds, and more. Honeypot plugins were popularized back in the early days of Minecraft servers but never really took off due to their lack of customization, updates, or difficulty to configure, setup, and/or maintain. This plugin was designed to be simple, lightweight, and easy to use for staff and admins.

Need support? Reach out on Discord! Do not use the review section for support or bug reports. The GitHub issue tracker and my Discord are where bugs should be submitted and support should be requested. Thank you!

TerrorByte aka redstonefreak589 is the sole developer of this plugin. He maintains the entire codebase, however any forks, pull-requests, etc. are welcomed! Big thanks to dejvokep for their BoostedYAML library!

Honeypot Anti-Grief Solution is not designed to replace land protection plugins such as Lands, WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, CoreProtect, etc. Please make sure you have another protection and rollback plugin to prevent mass griefing. Honeypot is just meant to keep honest people honest and to catch bad actors without moderators having to constantly monitor players. I actually recommend CoreProtect and the paid Lands plugin, as I used them in production servers and they are fantastic! Honeypot is a perfect plugin to compliment them both.

This plugin was also designed for Minecraft 1.17+ and is compiled using Java 17. If you are not running Java 17 on your server, this plugin is not for you.