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  • Planting&Eating is a plugin that expands the possibilities for your SMP server!
    There are lots of customizable features that blow your minds!

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  • Customizable plants, foods, heads, and recipes
  • 5 sorts of plant types
  • Base64 head texture value supports (Minecraft Heads)
  • Custom model data support
  • Hex color support (Ex. &#ebd534)
  • No resourcepack needed
  • Support Yaml, SQLite, and MySQL storage
  • Plants:
    • Custom crop drops
    • Custom seeds item
    • Biome settings
    • World settings
    • Natural seed dropping possibility
    • Custom Tree: schematics file supports
  • Foods:
    • Custom eating potion effects
    • Custom cooldowns
    • Custom sounds
    • Custom particles
    • Custom saturation levels, food levels
  • Recipes:
    • Custom ingredients
    • Custom result
    • Custom cooking time & experience
    • Custom brewing ingredients & item
    • Custom permissions (For crafting recipes)
    • Supporting recipes: Shaped, Shapeless, Furnace, Blasting, Smoking, Campfire, Brewing

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  • /plantingandeating (/pae)-Open main GUI
  • /pae data-Lookup plant's information
  • /pae reload-Reload plugin
  • /pae plants-Open plants GUI
  • /pae foods-Open foods GUI
  • /pae recipes-Open recipes GUI
  • /pae heads-Open heads GUI
  • /pae give <food/head/seed> <item> [player] [amount]-Give item to player
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  • /pae-(Default: OP) pae.admin
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