This plugin allows server owners to add extra add-on modules to add more features to his/her plot-based server.

Supported Plot plugins:
This add-on framework plugin currently supports:

This framework is designed to be very flexible and you can independently develop add-on modules and install them on the plot-based servers as you needed.

Test server:  tba...

Available Add-on modules:
The modules currently available are:
  • GameModeRule :  (free)
    • you can allow the plot owner to change his/her plot's gamemode with "/plotao gm <0|1|2|3>" command.
    • Also, the plot owner can change plot's pvp mode with "/plotao pvp <on|off>". (this function will not work with PlotMe)
    • Yes, yes, some plot plugin already has such function, but this add-on module will enable other plot plugin to have these functions.
  • HostileMobRule :  (free)
    • you can allow the plot owner to turn on/off hostile mob spawning on their plot with "/plotao hostilemob <on|off> command.
    • you can allow the plot owner to turn on/off boss character on their plot with "/plotao boss <on|off>" command.
  • BattleArenaRule : (Premium)
    • You can allow each plot owner to build a BattleArena game on his/her plot!!  (one type of game per plot).  With this module, you can let your users to build their own BattleArena minigame on their plot!!
  • WeatherRule : (free)
    • You can allow each plot owner to set their plot's weather with "/plotao weather <clear|downfall>
  • ArmorStandRule : (free)
    • This plugin allow the plot owner to prevent others interacting with his/her armor stands on his/her plot.
  • PlayerHeadRule : (free)
    • This plugin allow the server owner to control who can use player head on player's plot.

You just need to install PlotAddOn.jar in server's plugins folder.  All the add-on modules (.jar files) must be installed in PlotAddOn's gamerules folder (PlotAddOn/gamerules).  These add-on modules will be automatically discovered and loaded into PlotAddOn when the plugin is loaded.

  • /plotao help or /pao or /pao help: displays a help menu
  • /pao info : display the information on the current plot.
  • /pao list : list all the installed PlotAddOn modules.
  • /pao addownercmd <cmd> : regisger <cmd> with PlotAddOn so that only the plot owner can execute <cmd>
  • /pao removeownercmd <cmd> de-register <cmd> from the owner-only command list.
  • /pao removeAllAllowed : removes all allowed players of the plot from the allowed list all at once.

  • When you install Add-on modules, each module will add its own help message to the "/pao help" menu.


  • plotaddon.admin : allows you to register a command to "plot owner only command list".