This plugin allows a server owner to control the amplifier and duration of any potions.  You can even turn off specified potion effect (such as INVISIBILITY).

For example, if you set INCREASE_DAMAGE's amplifier to be 0.5, Strength 2 potion will give you Strength 1 potion effect.

  • /pctl or /pctl help : displays a help menu
  • /pctl show : Shows the detail of the potion you're currently holding.
  • /pctl reload : Reloads config.yml
  • /pctl set <potionname> amp:<value> dur:<value> : sets the multiplier of the specified potion type to <value> (amp: Amplifier, dur: Duration).

Permission Node:

  • potioncontrol.reload : allows you to use /pctl reload command.
  • : allows you to use /pctl show command.
  • potioncontrol.set : allows you to use /pctl set command.

Just drop PotionControl.jar in the plugins folder.