A free plugin which gives you a Status Menu for in your Amusement park!


PLEASE NOTE: Development is currently on hold! Only updates for new Minecraft versions will be provided.

What can you do with ThemePark?
It is a complete plugin that helps you to display the statuses of all attractions in your theme park. The plugin also has support for PlaceholderAPI. Use %tp_name:<AttractionID>% for the name, and %tp_status:<AttractionID>% for the status.

How do I install ThemePark?

  • Put the plugin in your plugin folder.
  • Restart your server!
  • Have fun!

Simple right? You do not need extra plugins for ThemePark!

You can setup the most things in the files. For some things you can also use the commands!


  1. /ridecount help - Displays the ridecount help menu
  2. /ridecount get <Player> <Attraction ID> - Get the ridecount of a player
  3. /ridecount add <Player> <Attraction ID> <Amount> - Add an amount to the ridecount of a player


  1. /<CC> help - Displays the attraction help menu.
  2. /<CC> list - Displays a list of all attractions.
  3. /<CC> warp <Attraction ID> - Teleport to an attraction.
  4. /<CC> toggleitem - Toggles the join item on or off.
  5. /<CC> getitem - Give the item to yourself.
  6. /<CC> region create <Region ID> <Name> - Create a new region.
  7. /<CC> region name <Region ID> <Name> - Change the name of a region.
  8. /<CC> attraction create <Region ID> <Attraction ID> <Name> - Create a new attraction.
  9. /<CC> attraction name <Attraction ID> <Name> - Change the name of an attraction.
  10. /<CC> attraction status <Attraction ID> <Status> - Change the status of an attraction.
  11. /<CC> attraction location <Attraction ID> - Change the location of an attraction to your current location.
  12. /status - Opens the menu.

<CC> stands for CustomCommand
<> is required and [] is optional


  1. themepark.item - For using toggleitem and getitem
  2. themepark.admin - All the other functions who are for admins!


Status Sign:

Line 1: [ThemePark]
Line 2: <AttractionID>
Lines 3 and 4 must remain empty!

Tutorial (NL/BE):

Other links:

  1. Javadocs for developers
  2. Wiki for alternative support
  3. Our site
  4. Our Discord server

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