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Optional Dependencies:


Fully configurable backups.
Auto Performance in saving and no loss of items.
Option to "mineration to inventory".
Hex Colors, Gradient, rainbow in all texts and backpacks.
Options to save backpack when player dies.
Option not to drop backpacks on the floor.
Smart charging on demand use.
Virtual Backpacks and Physical Backpacks.
Backpacks can be from 1 to Infinite pages.
Auto Organize Item Button, Auto Smelt, Auto Pickup, and Ingot To Blocks.
Custom NBT tags, for example using custom textures.
Upgradeable where members can buy new pages by permission.
Configurable crafts and infinite possibilities of creation by pages, rows, editable or not, option of settings to turn resources on and off.
Easy list for players to create their backpacks.
Actionbar notifying you when items are placed in the backpack.
An administrator can edit any backpack even from offline players and physical backpacks.
Pages and rows by permission.
Support for WorldGuard and worlds where you can't use backpacks.
Blacklist of items that cannot be stored in the backpack.
Configurable upgrades and can be turned off.
An advanced GUI menu system with sounds when performing actions.


  Player commands: [alias: backpacks, bpk, bag, mochila]
  Admin Commands:


  Default permissions:

Configurations & API.

Easy API for Developers:
To call the API just call the instance.

Code (Text):