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Wind adds a completely new feature to Minecraft, Wind.
  • 8 new types of wind effects (all listed below), including tornados, fire carried by wind and snowstorms.
  • Geolocation compatebility - have the wind speed and wind direction in your country/city/home apply to your server!
  • Extremely configurable plugin config.
  • Naturally changing wind speed and direction based on algorithms that you can edit yourself
  • Full control over which weather effects should be enabled and at which wind speed
  • Integration with popular land protection plugins (feel free to suggest if yours isn't integrated already)
  • Full language support with 5+ premade language files (with more to come)


/wind - get details about the wind
/wind help - shows a list over wind commands
/wind set <speed/direction> <amount> - set wind speed or direction
/wind tornado (size) - spawn a tornado at the block you're looking at
/wind trip (player) - trip yourself or another player
/wind update - update the wind speed and direction following the algorithm specified in the config.
/wind reload - reload the wind config

wind.wind - access to /wind
wind.help - access to /wind help
wind.set.speed - access to set wind speed using /wind set speed
wind.set.direction - access to set wind direction using /wind set direction
wind.tornado - access to /wind tornado
wind.trip - access to /wind trip
wind.trip.others - access to /wind trip <player>
wind.reload - access to /wind reload
wind.update - access to /wind update
wind.effect.elytra - get elytra wind effect
wind.effect.trip - get tripping wind effect
wind.effect.particles - get particle wind effect
wind.effect.sandstorm - get sandstorm wind effect


  1. Download the plugin from this page
  2. Drop it into the 'plugins' folder on your server
  3. Restart your server


If you have any questions regarding this plugin, want to report a bug, want to see the plugin in action or want to suggest a feature. Please contact me in this discord group: https://discord.gg/jtd9pG4 or under 'discussions' in this resource. I am very likely to respond quickly and help you with your problem.

List of (modified) suggestions to upcoming features:
This list has moved to our discord channel, feel free to join to add to it.


If you use the reviews section to report bugs, you will be given less priority!

Icons made by https://www.flaticon.com/authors/good-warefrom from www.flaticon.com
Geolocation made with the help of the norwegian meteorological service yr.no