✨5 IN ONE ✨Essentials Config
By Towkio — Professional config, messages and more.
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By Nxtor2 — A professional and feather punishments plugin
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By Olget — ✯ (( Notify your players of recent donations in style! )) ✯
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Sack (like Bundle..)
By TeamVK — Release Sale! (-50%) Good for mining! You can have a large sack to store your valuables!
  about 5
By CryptoMorin — Battles for might, land and glory.
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[PWarp] Player Warps
By The_King_Senne — Makes you charge players for setting a warp.
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[1.15 - 1.16.4] ⚡ EcoEnchants
By Auxilor — More Custom Enchantments ☄️ Enchanting Table, Anvil, Villager Support ⭕ Completely Vanilla
  about 5
PlotSquared v5
By IntellectualSites — The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.
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By KardasLand — Custom, lightweight generator solution.
By DustinDinh — Want to find a superb and stunning solution to your spawn map? You've come to the right place!
  about 5
Stratos | World Generator
By Alex — [✅ Spigot | ✅ Paper] Awesome world generation, fully customizable worlds and more
  about 5
TAB [1.5.x - 1.16.4] PREMIUM
By NEZNAMY — Premium version with even more features
RPG Chest Premium
By Gilles_M — [1.12.2 - 1.16.]Create Unique RPG Styled Chests - Fully Customizable (in-game GUI) - Unique Features
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RPG Regen [1.11->1.16]
By Gilles_M — The Best Configurable RPG Health Regen System
✨MCMMO GUI [Skill Detail, Top]
By DustinDinh — Want to find a perfect and detailed solution to your McMMO GUI? You’ve come to the right place!
  about 5
By TeamVK — you can create a level system for swords!
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TAB Reborn Configuration
By rrodg12 — Free Minecraft TAB Servver Configuration By rrodg12 Services
  about 5
By Weiiswurst — Easiest Economy plugin with Vault support!
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