Time to Battle

We're a Minecraft Augmented Survival server with a battle motif and minigames! Here's what we offer.

  • Augmented Survival! Bored of regular ol' vanilla gameplay? Well, there's a few twists on Time to Battle to spice things up! If you're after a challenge, take on the Battle Bastion! In this mode, take your Survival gear and take on a randomly generated seemingly endless dungeon mode! The stuff you find in there can be crafted into special custom weapons and armour! Or, if you're after a more laid back experience, kick back and complete some of our quests!
  • Sphere Battles! Our first Battle Minigame is Sphere Battles. In a nutshell, it's Bedwars but you can move your respawn wool. Battle it out on floating sphere platforms that you'll need to mine in order to gather resources. Build gear, defend your wool and take on your enemies in this fast-paced team gamemode!
  • Battle Royale! Our second Battle Minigame is Battle Royale. The name of the game here are killing mobs! Mobs drop everything you need to gear up, from iron to lapis lazuli! Kill mobs, gather items and craft up some gear to take on the competition in this mode!
  • Creative!┬áRelax in our no-frills creative sandbox plot world. Plan your next big build on the server, or just have some fun!

All of our games are made by us with custom plugins and are connected with economy features, leaderboards, supported by a fun and welcoming community. If you like what you hear, join us at play.timetobattle.net for Java Edition, or if you're on bedrock you can join with bedrock.timetobattle.net.