General Information
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This is an add-on plug-in for the BedWars1058 Mini-game.
This addon will give the player an item, which will let the player track other teams, and also quickly communicate with their teammates with quick communication messages.


• Support Server Types: Muliarena, Shared, Bungee, Bungee Legacy.
• Supports Server Versions: 1.8.8 - 1.19.
• Per-player Language Support.
• 100% Editable Messages & GUIs.
• You can add your custom communication messages.
• You can modify the default compass item slot.
• 24/7 Support on my Discord server.

Languages Available

Persian by Sxhqil
• Romanian by Gradin98
• Spanish by craciu25_YT
• Italian by Yuri2005
• Polish by SAvselgafg415
• Russian by Mher

Official Test Server (1.8x-1.18x)

• Java 8 or newer.
• BedWars1058 v21.2 or higher.

Addon Commands & Permissions

/bw compass - to see the list of commands - no permission
/bw compass menu - to open the menu of the tracker - no permission
/bw compass reload - to reload the configurations file - bw.compass.reload

>> Addon Documentation <<Screenshots
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Servers That Use This Resource

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if you are using this plugin, you can contact me to add your server IP here.
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Did you find a bug or have an issue with the addon? no problem!
Join my Discord
server, or create an issue on GitHub, I will try to respond to your problem as soon as possible!

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