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BedWarsProxy is a plugin for BungeeCord networks that are running BedWars1058 in bungee (scalable) mode.
This plugin provides features for lobby/ hub servers.
Join Signs:
  • you can create static signs for a given arena.
  • you can create dynamic signs for a given group.
Arena Selector:
  • /bw gui will show all available arenas on your network.
  • /bw gui groupName to display arenas from a given group.
Re-Join System:
  • if you get disconnected, or if you leave a game (configurable) you can re-join it via command or by joining the server again.
Admin Teleport:
  • your admins can spectate a cheater using /bw tp username.
Language | Per player language system:
  • in sync with arenas.
PlaceholderAPI support:
Party System:
  • we provide a basic and functional internal party system to play with your friends on the same team or arena.
  • we also support Parties by AlessioDP which could be a better solution if you are a large network.
API | for Developers:
  • you can adapt it to your network by using the API.
How to use:
All the information you need can be found on its documentation/ wiki.
Maven repo:
    <version>VERSION HERE</version>