ThePit is currently being in remake. Please note that the current version may have some issues in your server.


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⦁ Compatibility: Spigot and PaperSpigot forks aswell, not tested (FoxSpigot has problems with Launchers)
⦁ Server version: 1.8.8 - 1.16.5
⦁ Optional (Soft-depend): PlaceholderAPIMVdWPlaceholderAPI
For any other informations, don't hesitate to contact me via Spigot or Discord!
Plugin modes:
  • Bungee - dedicated server for ThePit.
  • Shared - multiple gamemodes/minigames in one *spigot* server.
Setup system:
  • Easy to setup, via commands and GUI's.
Database system:
  • MySQL - used to bridge data between *ThePit* servers.
  • FlatFile - used to keep track of player accounts.
  • English
  • Romanian
  • Italian (by PrankAlien)
  • Simplified Chinese (by huangchen)
  • Spanish (by DavidML)
  • Vietnamese (by DiamondUniverse#7520)
  • Portuguese (by Weark)

PlaceholderAPI support:

  • Scoreboard.
  • Tab list.
  • Chat format.

Placeholders list:

  • %thepit_player_<variable>% - gold, level, neededxp, status, streak, bounty, level_prestige, renown, tag_prefix, tag_suffix.
  • %thepit_stats_<statistics>% - arrow_hits, arrows_shot, assists, bow_damage_taken, bow_damage_dealt, blocks_broken, blocks_placed, buckets_emptied, chat_messages, damage_taken, damage_dealt, deaths, diamond_items_purchased, fishing_rods_launched, golden_apples_eaten, golden_heads_eaten, gold_earned, highest_streak, jumps_into_pit, kills, left_clicks, launches, damage_taken, damage_dealt, sword_hits.
  • %thepit_leaderheads_<statistics>% - gold, level, neededxp, bounty, renown, prestige.
  • %thepit_server_date%
Implemented functions:
  • Custom Join Messages - Toggleable, PlaceholderAPI support.
  • Scoreboard - Toggleable, PlaceholderAPI support.
  • Chat Format - Toggleable, PlaceholderAPI support.
  • Tab List - Toggleable, PlaceholderAPI support.
  • Player Tag - In-game & Tab.
  • Boss Bar - Toggleable, Requires 1.9+.
Server sync *known as Player Sync*:
  • Used to sync multiple ThePit servers with the same player data.
Gameplay features:
  • Prestige - Players prestige in order to unlock new perks and features.
  • Minor events - X2 Rewards, King of the Hill, Everyone gets a bounty, Care package, Quick maths.
  • Major events (Rage pit, Team deathmatch, The beast).
  • Perks - Golden heads, Fishing rod, Lava bucket, Strength-chaining, Endless quiver, Mineman, Safety first, Trickle-down, Lucky diamond, Spammer, Bounty hunter, Streaker, Gladiator, Vampire.
  • Prestige Perks - Overheal, Barbarian, Dirty, Rambo, Olympus, First Strike, Assist Streaker, Marathon, Soup, Recon, Conglomerate, Kung Fu Knowledge, Co-op Cat, Thick.
  • Bounty - When players reach a number of kills, they are bountied gold reward.
  • Bounty Aura - The bounty tag floats near the bountied player.
  • Gold - Minigame's currency, editable per player.
  • Assists - Players that help killing a player receive rewards *gold reward*.
  • Armor Kit - Death players drop iron parts *drops by chance*, receive iron parts upon respawning *drops by chance*.
  • Streaks - When killing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100 players, the streaker's name will be announced in game-chat,
  • Temporary Blocks & Liquids - Placing lava, cobblestone and obsidian will queue the blocks to be removed after several seconds.
  • Pit chat settings - Allow players to disable certain chat messages.
  • Enderchest - Multiple enderchests, access cooldown.
  • NPCs - Stats, Non Permanent Items, Permanent Upgrades, The Keeper, Prestige, Quest Master (Coming soon).
  • Stats - Track player's statistics while playing.
  • Temporary Items - Small shop, items are lost upon death.
  • Permanent Upgrades - Perk shop, perks are permanent.
  • The Keeper - Teleport players to lobby/hub.
  • Combat Log - Track player fights, upon disconnecting, the damager is rewarded.
  • Spawn region - Disabled pvp & block placing.
  • /Spawn & /Respawn - Teleport to spawn *Won't interfere with other plugins.
  • Holograms - NPC names, Enderchest, Pit hole, Events, Unlocked Features.
  • Launchpads - Jump boost to go battle faster.
  • Random Gold - Gold spawns on map.
  • Rank Colors - You can set player's rank color in tab and chat, permission based.
  • World manager - ThePit runs standalone, no Multiverse required.
Developer API
  • ArenaJoinEvent (Player joined ThePit)
  • ArenaLeaveEvent (Player left ThePit)
  • GoldSpawnEvent (Gold ingot was spawned)
  • NonPermanentItemsBuyEvent (Item was bought)
  • SetupSetEvent (Setup step set)
  • PlayerArrowHitEvent (Arrow hits a player)
  • PlayerAssistEvent (Player assists to a kill)
  • PlayerChatEvent (Player chatting)
  • PlayerLaunchEvent (Player using launchpads)
  • PlayerPlaceEvent (Player placing blocks)
  • PlayerRankupEvent (Player ranking up)
  • PlayerShootEvent (Player bow shooting)
  • PlayerStreakEvent (Player kill streaking)
  • PlayerGoldenHeadsEatEvent (Player eating golden head)
  • PlayerPrestigeEvent (Player prestige)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getPlayerEconomy(Player)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#formatCoins(double)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#isInCombat(Player)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getPlayerStats(Player, StatsType)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getPlayerLevel(Player)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getPlayerExp(Player)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getXpAmplifier()
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#setXpAmplifier(int)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getGoldAmplifier()
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#setGoldAmplifier(int)
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#isBossBarDisplayed()
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getBossBarTitle()
  • Main#getThePitAPI()#getBossBarProgress()




⦁ (Italian)
⦁ (Romanian)
⦁ /ThePit Level (Change player's level)
⦁ /ThePit Prestige (Change player's prestige)
⦁ /ThePit Gold (Modify player's gold)
⦁ /ThePit Renown (Modify player's renown)
⦁ /ThePit Bounty (Modify player's bounty)
⦁ /ThePit Build (Enables / disables building mode)
⦁ /ThePit Reset <player> (Reset player's account)
⦁ /ThePit Join (Join ThePit arena, shared mode only)
⦁ /ThePit Leave (Leaves ThePit arena, shared mode only)
⦁ /Gold (Shows your gold)
⦁ thepit.setup (setup commands)
⦁ (build command)
⦁ thepit.reset (delete player account)
⦁ thepit.economy (modify gold balance)
⦁ thepit.rankcolors.<rankname> (assign rank colors to players, create tags in RankColors.yml)
⦁ No refunds (You can test the plugin on the listed community servers)
⦁ No redistribution (You're not allowed to reverse engineer, share the plugin)
⦁ One purchase is valid for one server (Valid for 1 minecraft server / multiple servers connected to the same BungeeCord network)
⦁ Unlimited support (Buyers will recieve unlimited support from the autor for ThePit)