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This is one of the first FFA premade setup, this setup include a lot of things, and more thar are in coming on futures updates! this server have multiple kits, multiple spawns, shops, tops and more! (and free 👀👀)

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This server is a copy of CubeCraft FFA server, but if you want, you can customize all inside the server! 
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Multiple spawns! » Multiple spawns around the map, you can select the location that you most like!
Multiple kits! » Multiple kits configured, some with abilities like more speed, resistance, etc
Shops! » Shops where you can buy better weapons, bows, armour, golden apples
Tops! » Top players with most kills
Bungee Mode! » This server is bungee mode, what does this mean? This server has not lobby or hub, when you join, you are already playing!
Multiple languages! »  You can modify the config to all languages, im only have Eng and Spanish translate, if you need the spanish lang, are inside the config, just change whatever you need to translate to your main language!
Multiple maps! » You can add infinite maps, the plugin have map rotation and map change every X minutes (customizable in the config files)

And more things!

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This server not required any 
premium plugin for work, you can download needed plugins 
clicking on the images below

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  • You can not claim it as your own.
  • You can not resell the configurations inside it.
  • Don't ask for updates, they will be released when i have free time.

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none at the moment, let me know if you are using this setup for put you server ip

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  • NOTE: if you need support join to my Discord server and i will help you as soon possible!