4.4.4 Feb 5, 2021
Corebot v4.4.4 - Bug Fixes
Corebot v4.4.4

- Fixed a bug that caused the enabled status of a command from an addon to show up incorrectly
- Music update
- Bans.js fix (this shouldn't require us to do anything because it should be fixed whenever we upload a new zip file)
- Fixed {reason} variable in ticket channel topics
- Errors when loading commands will now be logged to console
- Fixed errors not being logged to console when command or event files failed to load
- Fixed welcome message being sent to DMs instead of the DM message when being verified
- Fixed a bug with verifying and sending the DM message
- Fixed a bug with the remindme command
- Fixed a bug with the history command
- Fixed a bug with say advanced
- Fixed unban command not working when using a prefix other than the one in the database (config prefix or mentioning the bot)
- An error loading one addon will no longer cause the rest of the addons to not load
- Fixed a bug with the application command
- Fixed an unknown message error when making an application
- Fixed a bug with auto response CantHave and MustHave role settings
- Commands disabled through the commands.yml will no longer show up in the help menu
- Fixed `config -> Suggestions -> ReactToOwnSuggestion` setting not working
- Fixed roleinfo command
- Fixed typo with setactivity command
- Fixed role ID support for role menus / reaction roles
- Fixed commands displaying as enabled when the module was disabled
- Fixed channel permissions updated log going off when the permissions were not updated
- The error stack gets added to errors.txt when an error occurs while running a command
- Fixed logToConsole for errors
- Bots are now filtered out when checking statuses for advertisements
- Fixed an issue with job requirements/promotions
- Fixed a bug with temporary invites & the invited by placeholder
- Fixed bot activity placeholders not updating when you aren't using activity cycling
- Multipliers now work in jobs and daily coins
- Fixed "n" node module always installing on start-up
- You can now use spaces in -work apply
- Fixed issue with applications when the `DeleteEmbedsAndSendAnswers` setting is disabled
- Fixed botinfo command
- Fixed error `Accessing non-existent property 'error' of module exports inside circular dependency` on Node.js v14+
- `config -> ReactionRoles -> EmojisToRoles` setting can now be left blank without causing an error
- Fixed a bug with the verifyUser method
- Commands and events are now reloaded before addons
- Fixed coinflip bug
- Updated the error handling in the generateReport method
- Added a max gamble amount to coinflips to prevent getting infinite coins
- Coins earned/lost from slots are now rounded to the nearest number
- You can now have spaces at the end of your prefix in order to do things like "pls help"
- Verify command is no longer case sensitive
- Fixed bug with the serverinfo command
- Fixed bug with cointop and leveltop
- Fixed an issue with the command enabler
- Fixed issue with getMissingRolesAndChannels method

- Addon command
- Development mode for CustomConfig
- Added --clear-backups and --disable-backups startup flags
- Addons can now use module.exports.run for the main function
- Embed command

4.4.3 Nov 29, 2020