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This is a plugin every server should have. When a player joins, it checks them against a huge list of punished players, collected by the Spartan AntiCheat, which stores approximately 500 punishments daily. If the player is found to have received specific punishments or punishments from multiple sources, they are punished based on your configuration. Ultimately, this prevents hackers from causing damage before they even join your server.

/globalbans reload/rl reloads the plugin's configuration and cache.
/globalbans menu opens the plugin's main inventory menu.
/globalbans exempt-punishment <player/uuid> [reason] exempts a player from being checked & potentially punished.
/globalbans remove-punishment-exemption <player/uuid> removes a player's punishment exemption and allows them to be checked & potentially punished.
/globalbans prevent-join <player/uuid> <reason> prevents a punished player from joining the server by kicking them in any situation.

globalbans.admin gives you all permissions.
globalbans.reload allows you to execute the command /globalbans reload.
globalbans.manage allows you to modify the plugin's configuration via the inventory menus.
globalbans.add_exemption allows you to execute the command /globalbans exempt-punishment.
globalbans.remove_exemption allows you to execute the command /globalbans remove-punishment-exemption.
globalbans.prevent_join allows you to execute the command /globalbans prevent-join.

Compatibility Information
This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Any other server types "may work" but are not officially supported. Additionally, the English keyboard is supported but other may be incompatible. All incompatibilities can cause functionality & support difficulties.

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