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HuskChat is a no-frills, simple and customisable cross-server chat system for Minecraft networks running BungeeCord and Velocity frontend servers.
HuskChat is easy to configure with an elegant out-of-box setup, while also being highly configurable, suiting a variety of use cases by allowing you to define channels and manage who can send and receive messages within them.
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  • Works great out of the box, install on your Velocity or BungeeCord-based proxy and use right away
  • Hooks with LuckPerms to display user prefixes and suffixes
  • Private messaging and replying commands
  • Define who can send and receive messages in channels
  • Define shortcut commands to let players quickly switch channels
  • Machine learning powered profanity filter
  • Customisable spam limiting filter, anti-advertising & special emoji
  • Utilise modern 1.16+ formatting, with RGB and Gradient support via MineDown
Command Usage Aliases Description Permission
  • /channel <channel_id> [message]
    • Send a message or switch to a chat channel
    • Permission: huskchat.command.channel
  • /huskchat <about/reload>
    • View plugin information and reload
    • Permission: huskchat.command.huskchat
  • /msg <player> <message>
    • Send a private message to a player
    • Permission: huskchat.command.msg
  • /reply <message>
    • Quickly reply to a private message
    • Permission: huskchat.command.msg.reply
  • /socialspy
    • Lets you view other users' private messages
    • Permission: huskchat.command.socialspy
  • /localspy
    • Lets you view messages sent in other local chat channels
    • Permission: huskchat.command.localspy
  • /broadcast
    • Lets you send a broadcast across the server
    • Permission: huskchat.command.broadcast
  • Shortcut commands /<shortcut_command> <message>
    • Quickly send a message in or switch to a chat channel
    • Requires the channel send permission, e.g. huskchat.channel.staff.send
Setup Instructions
  1. Download HuskChat.jar
  2. Drag it into the /plugins/ folder on your proxy server (BungeeCord or Velocity; 1.16+; Java 16+. Derivatives like Waterfall should work fine too)
  3. Restart your proxy. Once the config and message files have generated, make changes as appropriate and restart your proxy again
This plugin uses bStats to provide me with metrics about its usage:
You can turn metric collection off by navigating to plugins/bStats/config.yml and editing the config to disable plugin metrics.
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