Intended usage
Using this plugin, you will have an economy system on your server which has a few features to start out with such things include, Bank Notes and Sellwands. You are allowing your players to have a new goal by seeing who has the most money on the server which a leaderboard.

All data is saved inside of a database and can be edited with commands un game. As well as reload the configuration files with the command /pelecon which will automatically reload and apply changes that you may need to make.

Requires Vault and ProtocolLib in order to work
This plugin does soft depend on PlaceholderAPI and has some planceholders

Economy Management commands
Bank Notes
Pay Players
ATM (Your bank account)
Sell Commands - /Sell | /sellall | /sellhand | /sellchest
Custom Signs - [balance] / [bank] / [atm] / [chestsell]
Mob Money
Has PlaceholderAPI Support - Cash | Bank | server_cash | server_bank
+ More to come in the future!
* All of these things are customizable within the configuration files

Commands and Permissions
You can view the commands and permissions of this plugin here