LifestealCore is NOT required for the setup to function. It is an optional purchase that can improve your Lifesteal Server. The setup comes with a simple, custom Lifesteal plugin by default.
Follow the steps in the docs to integrate it into the setup.


NOTE: Please refer to the documentation before asking for support in the Discord Server.
(Buyers must verify their purchase to gain access to support)


BONUS DEAL: Get a Prestige Menu for +$1.00 by purchasing this setup with Simple Prestiges. (Requires LifestealCore)
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This Lifesteal Setup is the best one out there with Upgradable Spawners, Leaderboards, Coin Shop, Cosmetics, Kits & more! The setup also includes ZERO premium plugins, so you can get started immediately and won't have to spend extra money on other plugins.
The native server version is 1.20.1 but you can support all modern versions with ViaVersion.
You should use a server with at least 4GB of RAM for this setup.
Please see the Documentation after purchasing so you can install the setup correctly.

To test this setup, please join the Discord Server and ask.


  • Custom Core | This server has an entirely custom Core Lifesteal plugin. You can add/remove hearts with a simple command.
  • Server Levels | Enjoy a new aspect of Lifesteal by levelling up your account and your hearts!
  • Coin Shop | Let players spend coins on Chat Tags, Colors, Ranks & MORE!
  • Skills | Give players endless fun with 15x skills & perks to level up!
  • Teams | Ally with other players to compete with other teams. Strategize together to level up your team!
  • Chat Games | Keep players active in chat with automatic games every 5 minutes!
  • Playtime Levels | Entice players to stay on your server by rewarding them based on their playtime!
  • Branding Changes | Easily change your branding for the entire server by only editing one file!
  • Key Trader | Players can exchange their crate keys for others at the key trader!
  • Black Market | Players with fewer hearts can purchase items for a cheaper price!
  • Cosmetics | Earn donations by selling Particle Effects, Emotes & Pets on your server store!
  • Animal Buckets | Let players easily transport mobs with animal buckets!
  • Trading | Players can safely trade with the /trade command.
  • Player Vaults | Give players extra storage space with player vaults (and more for donators)
  • Heart Shop | Players can spend their hearts on items to aid their gameplay!
  • Donator Kits | Reward donors by giving them extra loot in the form of kits!
  • Resource World | Let resources be renewable! Players can join the resource world that resets every 12 hours.
  • Custom Generation | Break away from basic Minecraft Generation and enjoy custom-generated terrain!
  • Arena | Players can fight each other nearby in the arena world!
  • KOTH | Every 4 hours, a King of the Hill event will happen. Only the best shall win!
  • Leaderboards | Compete against fellow players with 6x leaderboards at spawn!
  • Server Menu | Players can easily access a server menu to navigate the server's commands.
  • Backpacks | Let players carry more than their inventory permits. They can use backpacks to store their goodies away!
  • Ranks | 5 Donator Ranks & 4 Staff Ranks have been pre-configured with permissions.
  • Quests | Keep players engaged on your server with nearly 1,000 Quests!
  • Vote Rewards | Voting Rewards have been pre-configured for ease of use. Just set up Votifier, and you're good to go!
  • Shop | Buy & Selling Shop GUI with a balanced economy.
  • Sell Wands | Let players purchase Sell Wands to ease their gameplay!
  • Daily Rewards | Give players a reason to log in daily and increase retention on your server!
  • Combat Log | Stop players logging out mid-combat with CombatLogX.
  • Vote Party | Reward players for voting & being online with a VoteParty.
  • Spawners | Break away from Vanilla Spawers. On this setup, players can upgrade their spawners to make them stronger!
  • AFK Zone | Give back to AFK players with a reward pit for them to stay and earn rewards!
  • Bounties | Keep players fighting by allowing them to put bounties on each other.
  • Crates | Fully Custom Crates have been pre-configured with items.
  • Chat Tags | Sell chat tags in your store to make a profit.
  • Documentation | Help is at your fingertips with extensive documentation on set-up and management.
  • Great Support | Priority support for every customer with typical reply times of under an hour.
  • Free Plugins | No Premium plugins are required for this setup.
  • AND MORE | Join the test server with the IP above to explore ALL the features.

Although this setup comes with a custom Core Lifesteal plugin, it is straightforward. For those who want a more enhanced Lifesteal Experience, you can get LifestealCore (click for the link) for 20% OFF when you buy this setup (instructions to redeem will come with the setup download).
Integrating LifestealCore into the setup is easy; switch out the plugin, and you're good to go! (Instructions are provided if preferred)

Compare my Lifesteal Setup with others on the market by clicking the dropdown below. This table compares specific features and the prices of each setup.

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Click the dropdowns below to show small screenshots of the setup. I recommend using the test server (information above) before purchasing. You will get a better feel for the server; the assets below could be outdated.

  TAB & Scoreboard
  GUI Menus

Although this video is very detailed, I recommend using the test server (information above) before purchasing. You will get a better feel for the server; the video below could be outdated.

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