This plugin will allow server moderator/administrator to put a naughty player into the naughty game mode.

Once player is put in the naughty game mode, he CANNOT:
  • chat (including /msg, /r, /yell, etc)
  • break blocks,
  • place blocks,
  • write a book
  • write a sign
  • move
  • give damage to others
  • use entity
  • execute a command
  • restrict the spawn/teleport to the specific world (spawn point).

Basically s/he needs to just quietly roaming around so that s/he won't bother other players.  The naughty mode is time-based gamemode.  It will automatically expire. (In case moderator/admin forget to remove those naughty players from the naughty list)

  • /naughty help : displayer the help menu
  • /naughty reload : reload the config.yml
  • /naughty list : lists the name of players who are currently in the naughty gamemode.
  • /naughty add <player> [seconds] [mode:cwbpmue] : puts <player> in the naughty gamemode for [seconds], If [seconds] is not specified, the default duration will be used.
    • following "mode:" can be used:
      • c : prevent chat
      • w : prevent writing sign/book
      • b : prevent placing/breaking blocks
      • p : prevent giving damage to others
      • m : prevent movement
      • u : prevent use of item
      • e : prevent execution of a command
      • s : restrict the spawn point to the specified naughty spawn. (assumes that naughty spawn point is set in the special naughty world you wish the player to be confined to.)
    • Default mode is mode:cwbpu and can be changed in config.yml.
  • /naughty remove <player> : removes <player> from the naughty list.
  • /naughty setspawn : set the naughty spawn point to the location where you're standing.
  • /naughty removespawn : remove the naughty spawn point.
  • naughtymode.reload : allows you to use the reload command
  • naughtymode.admin : allows you to use list/add/remove commands.

You just put NaughtyMode.jar file into your server's plugins folder.