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What is Zyno Bot?

Zyno Bot is one of the most advanced Discord bots available on the market. Zyno Bot provides tons of cool commands and features to help you create the best Discord server.


Why Zyno Bot?

For the price-quality ratio is Zyno Bot one of the best bots you can purchase. In comparison with purchasing a custom bot, you save in the most cases at least $50 for a bot with the same features as Zyno Bot. What also is a huge benefit in comparison with other bots, is that Zyno Bot is almost fully customizable. You can enable or disable the features you do or do not like, you are able to change almost every message, you are able for some features to choose between multiple components. There are many more ways to customize your bot to suit it to your needs. Zyno Bot also keeps receiving updates to patch bugs and to make it even more advanced than it already is. Updating or installing the bot doesn't require any coding knowledge.


What makes Zyno Bot different?

Zyno Bot is one of the fewer Discord bots which provide multi-server support. This makes you able to invite Zyno Bot in multiple server instead of just one server. Zyno Bot is also the only bot on the market which provide an addon system based on an own-written addon library which helps you to optimize the addons you're using as much as possible for your bot and also makes it easier for you to create addons. Besides a configuration file to manually change the settings of your bot, Zyno Bot also provides an advanced admin command which makes it easier to change settings of your bot, which also makes it possible for you that you don't have to restart your bot everytime after making a small adjustment to your bot. Regarding the modules Zyno Bot makes use of, most of them are own-written, which allows you to have the most up-to-date bot with the least amount of bugs possible. You are less dependend of other developers than you are with other Discord bots. The modules also allows you to have a bot which doesn't make use of a database, which makes the setup easier for you.


Besides the bot itself, you will also receive fast and friendly support when you have any questions or are experiencing any problems with your bot. We can also install your bot when requested. You are also allowed to leave suggestions for Zyno Bot, which might be added to Zyno Bot in the future.


If you have any questions about the bot, feel free to contact us in the support server, by sending a DM to luukw on Discord or by starting a BuiltByBit conversation with me.


A full feature list of Zyno Bot is available at



Can I see a preview before purchasing Zyno Bot?

You can join our support server to see a live preview. It is also possible to set up a bot for you in a private Discord server so you can test Zyno Bot without any obstructions. To set up a test bot up for you, you can create a ticket in our support server, send a DM to luukw or start a conversation with me on Polymart.


Do I need a license to use Zyno Bot?

Yes, you can request a license after purchasing Zyno Bot in the support server, by sending a DM to luukw on Discord or by starting a conversation with me on Polymart.


How many bots can I start with my license?

With one license, you can start one bot. If you want to use another bot, you can purchase another license in the addon section.


In how many servers can I use one bot?

You can invite your bot to up to three servers.


Do I have to pay for a setup?

No, we can set the bot for you up for free.


Where can I request a license?

After purchasing Zyno Bot, you can request a license in the support server, in a DM on Discord (luukw) or in a Polymart conversation with me.


In what language is Zyno Bot written?

Zyno Bot is written in NodeJS, which means that if you're planning on using a hosting for your bot, it must be able to run a bot written in NodeJS or Discord.js, depending on what the hosting advertises.


Are there any translations available?

Yes. By default Zyno Bot comes with English messages, however these can easily be translated by editing the [ICODE]messages.json[/ICODE] file. There are also pre-written translated versions of the [ICODE]messages.json[/ICODE] file available on the Zyno Bot Translations resource page.


If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to contact me by joining the support server, sending me a DM on Discord (luukw) or starting a conversation with me on Polymart.



Join the support server to see a live preview of Zyno Bot. If you want to test Zyno Bot without limits, please contact me.


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