HuskHomes is a powerful, intuitive and flexible teleportation plugin for Minecraft servers. The plugin supports a wide array of features; from teleporting between players, teleport requests, public and private homes, warps, random teleporting and more.

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⭐ Works cross-server
Let players seamlessly teleport and set homes across your proxies network of servers using MySQL.

Zero learning curve
Your players already know how to use it! /sethome, /home, /tpa, /rtp—among others—are all built-in and easy-to-use.

⭐ Quick and beautiful menus
Sometimes, simple is better. No monolithic chest GUIs—instead, robust and beautiful interactive chat menus.

⭐ Great admin features
Comes with all the classic admin commands—/tp and /warp—as well as robust tools for managing other players' homes.

⭐ Plan & Web map plugin hooks
Stay in touch with your community through home analytics via Plan and display homes on Dynmap or BlueMap.

⭐ Extensible API & open-source
Still not enough? Extend the plugin with the HuskHomes API. Or, submit a pull request—we're open-source!

Ready? Get started!


HuskHomes requires the following:

  • Minecraft 1.16.5+ Spigot server
  • Java version 16+

A MySQL 8.0+ database is also required for cross-server support.


Helpful links to get you started:

  • Website — Visit my website!
  • Docs — Check the HuskHomes docs!
  • Discord — Get support, ask questions!
  • bStats — Check out the plugin metrics!
  • GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!
  • Setup — Read the setup instructions!
  • Translations — Learn how to translate HuskHomes!