v12 May 12, 2022
Update v12 (Migrated to 1.18.2)
Renamed all the NPCs which look better now
Updated all plugins.
Now the Setup completely runs on 1.18.2
Removed Top Hologram as its having some issues

More Updates to come soon!

v11 Mar 3, 2022
Updated plugins and paintball configuration and spawn

Updated a few plugin jars
Updated PaintBall arenas.yml
Updated spawn with a small build fix.

For more read update.txt in setup download.

v10.5 Feb 7, 2022
Updated Plugins

Updated the following:
-> UltimateAutoRestart
-> GadgetsMenu
-> Matrix Anticheat (Trial Version)
-> JumpPads
-> CommandPanels

v10 Feb 1, 2022
Updated Plugins

Updated the following:

-> Tab

-> UltimateAutoRestart

-> LPC

-> Staff+

-> Matrix Anticheat

v9.5 Jan 28, 2022
Holographic display issue fixed (v9.5)

After I had updated Holographic display, the paintball plugin had a issue and got disabled.

+Updated Worldedit. Plugin had some console error spam.

+Updated Staff+. Plugin had some console error spam.


v9 Jan 28, 2022
Updated a few outdated plugins (v9)

Staying updated to plugin updates is really good as there might be a version where you cannot directly jump into.

Note: If you're trying to update from a previous version, do it by yourself by searching the plugins online.
Updated the following:
Holographic Display
GadgetsMenu and more!

v8.5 Jan 24, 2022
Scoreboard fix

spawn scoreboard overlapped ingame scoreboard fix


Updated readme.txt

v8 Jan 8, 2022
Updated Paintball plugin's configs

its always better to update plugin configs

Added V8 UPDATE in file (only use if you're updating from v7)

v7 Dec 25, 2021
Fixed a few stuff & Removed the "coming soon spectate" holograph
Disabled use of trapdoors
Removed Health bar below playername
Removed Spectator Npc (Spectate Update is postponed untill further updates)

v6 Dec 12, 2021
v6 (minor updates)
Added LinkTree plugin, once you've started the server go over to LinTree's config and add all your social media links so when players type /links they get a list of your server's social media links
(Nick feature coming soon!)
If you have no idea on how to setup LinkTree here's a video:

v5.5 Dec 10, 2021
Updated readme.txt
Added a set of instructions on how to upload it to the server as a buyer had no idea on how to.

v5 Dec 7, 2021
Updated scoreboard & cosmetics plugin
Hey there! I've updated all the plugins which had newer versions waiting, plus I've changed both scoreboard plugin and cosmetics plugin due to some bugs un fixable bugs!

For V4 Users:
If you're using V4 I'd recommend not updating to V5 as we've had certain changes which can be broken on direct updates.

But if you still want to use V5 then I'd recommend freshly uploading it to your server and running it

v4 Dec 5, 2021