Dependencies: MythicMobsWorldGuard
Optional Dependencies: KingdomsXPlaceholderAPI
OutpostCommander is an innovative Minecraft plugin designed for server admins, offering dynamic combat zones filled with unique monsters. It enhances server engagement with easy customization and robust features like intuitive ConfigGUI and outpost cooldowns, elevating your Minecraft experience to new levels.
Feature list:
  1. Intuitive Configuration Interface: Easily create and manage Outposts through a user-friendly ConfigGUI.
  2. Detailed Outpost File: Benefit from a well-documented file that offers comprehensive explanations, making Outpost editing a breeze.
  3. Rewarding Player Experience: Enable players to conquer designed Outposts and receive valuable in-game rewards.
  4. Configurable Cooldown Mechanism: Implement a customizable cooldown period to prevent immediate re-conquest after an Outpost is captured.
  5. Flexible Message Customization: Fully customizable 'messages.yml' file to tailor in-game communication according to your needs.
  6. Advanced Color Support: Enjoy full Hex color and Gradient capabilities for all visual elements for better aesthetics.
  7. Discord Feature Requests: Want more? Directly request additional features via our dedicated Discord channel for rapid updates.
  8. Automated File Checker: Quickly identify possible configuration errors or missing elements with every reload, ensuring optimal functionality.
  9. Auto-Generated Missing Strings: In the 'messages.yml' file, any missing strings will be automatically generated without the need for manual restarts or file modification.
  10. Permission-Based Outpost Access: Control player entry into Outpost regions through specific permission requirements.
  11. Unlimited Dynamic Mob System: Break the limitation of 5 and create an unlimited number of unique monsters for more engaging gameplay.
  12. Individual Outpost Cooldowns: Set unique cooldown periods for each outpost, allowing for a diverse and strategic gaming experience.
  13. Broad Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with both Spigot and Paper platforms for optimal performance.
  14. KingdomsX Compatibility: It is possible to create a type of outpost dedicated to the conquests of the kingdoms.
  15. PlaceholderAPI Compatibility

Differences between the premium version and the free version:
  1. Outpost Limit: The free version only allows you to create one outpost, while the premium version allows you to create unlimited outpost.
  2. Support: With the premium version, you receive support for plugin configuration on Discord. This means you can get assistance and guidance in setting up the plugin effectively.
  3. Early Access: By purchasing the premium version, you are granted the Buyer role, which gives you exclusive access to early versions of the plugin. This allows you to try out new features and updates before they are available to others.