HuskClaims is a clean, cross-server compatible grief prevention plugin that you already know how to use. HuskClaims will bring claiming on your server into the 2020s with intuitive chat menus, cross-server synchronisation support, modern display block visualisation, user group and LuckPerms role trust management, and much more—achieved through a modular, performant design.


⭐ Works cross-server
Works seamlessly cross-server. Manage/accrue claim blocks and list claims globally.

⭐ Super intuitive
Golden shovel claiming plugin, with a nice chat interface. Simple, and everyone knows how to use it!

⭐ Modular & customizable
Customise trust levels to suit your server needs. Display claims on BlueMap, Pl3xMap, and Dynmap.

⭐ Great admin features
Make admin claims and manage players. Trust LuckPerms permission groups for easy staff access management.

⭐ Modern conveniences
Beautiful clickable menus and glowing display entity visualisation. Make groups to manage trust in bulk.

⭐ Easy to import & configure
Import existing player claims and profiles from GriefPrevention. Has a robust, extensible API.

Ready? Let the claims begin!

Need support? Have questions? We offer aftermarket support on our Discord server! (Proof of purchase required.)


HuskClaims requires the following:

  1. Minecraft 1.17.1+ Spigot server
  2. Java version 17+

A MySQL 8.0+ database is also required for cross-server support.


Helpful links to get you started:

  1. Website — Visit my website!
  2. Docs — Check the HuskClaims docs!
  3. Discord — Get support! Proof of purchase required.
  4. GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!
  5. Setup — Read the setup instructions!
  6. Translations — Learn how to translate HuskClaims!