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HuskHomesGUI is a GUI add-on plugin for HuskHomes v3.x on Spigot servers. It provides a chest-style graphical user interface (GUI) for browsing home and warp lists. It replaces the chat menu system that is built into HuskHomes when you type /homelist, /phomelist or /warplist.


If you prefer to browse using a menu, or would like better support for Bedrock players connecting over Geyser, then this add-on is for you.



  1. Have HuskHomes v3.x installed on your server(s)
  2. Download HuskHomesGUI and place it in your server's plugins folder


Simply use the list commands you are familiar with to bring up a list of homes or warps. Then you can left-click to teleport to a home/warp, right click to edit it, and shift-left click to change the icon of the home in the list to match the type of item in your main hand. Use the page navigation buttons to switch pages.