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The plugin does exactly what's in the name - It pays out your online players for their online time! Thus you're able to configure an amount of money that should be given to the player for their online time. In addition, it is possible to give items instead of a money payout. So for instance, you could give your players a diamond and 100 $ every 10 minutes.

Furthermore, Time Is Money gives you the opportunity to configure multiple payouts! Therefore a higher payout could be given to VIP's if the VIP has the permission to that payout.

There is also an Anti-AFK feature, so AFK players won't get paid! (You can disable this of course).

Beside the payouts, Time Is Money also includes a great ATM solution, that is mainly designed to deposit and withdraw money in a fancy GUI.

  Other tutorial videos:
  Other tutorial videos:

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Important note: You would need VAULT and a ECONOMY Plugin.
The config.yml is self-explanatory, so there is no need to tell you how to configure it. Anyway, you're free to ask your question about the plugin in the discussions.
Basic configuration:

configuration-version: 12
debug-log: false
# You can disable the plugin's payout feature in certain worlds
- "creative_world"
# You can define if the player gets a payout whether player is afk or not.
# the permission tim.afkbypass would avoid this for certain user or groups.
afk_payout: false
# If afk payout is enabled, what percent should be paid out?
afk_payout_percent: 10
display-messages-in-chat: true
display-messages-in-actionbar: true
display-messages-in-actionbar-time: 10
give_money_every_second: 600
store-money-in-bank: false
# Define if multiple accounts should get payed with the same ip-address. You may disable this if your players are using multiple accounts per ip.
allow-multiple-accounts: true
# Option to increase the maximal amount of players of the same IP getting a payout. Only applies when allow-multiple-accounts is set to false.
max-multiple-accounts: 1
# Optional: Define a server bank account for withdrawing money from that account for the payouts instead of creating money out of nowhere
bank-account: ""
# Payouts will be delivered by "chance" instead "permission".
choose-payout-by-chance: false
# Enable this if you want to add up all lower payouts to the final payout (only relevant when using permissions)
merge-payouts: false
# You can add as many payouts you want. You only can choose between "permission"
# and "chance", not both.
    payout_amount: 50
    max_payout_per_day: 1000
    # chance: 10
    payout_amount: 100
    max_payout_per_day: 10000
      - /give %player% diamond 1
      - /give %player% dirt 1
    # chance: 90
    # You can use any permission name you want. e.g. myserver.donor
    permission: tim.vip
# Translations
message: "&aYou earned &c%money% &afor 10 minutes online time!"
message_payoutlimit_reached: "&cYou have reached the payout limit today. You earned 0$"
message_afk: "&cYou havn't earned money because you were afk!"
message_afk_payout: "&6You earned &c%money% (%percent%% of normal payout) &6for 10 minutes online time while afk!"
message_multiple_ips: "&cYou havn't earned money because you're playing with multiple accounts!"
message_actionbar: "&aYou earned &c%money% &afor 10 minutes online time!"
message_payoutlimit_reached_actionbar: "&cYou have reached the payout limit today. You got 0$"
message_afk_actionbar: "&cYou haven't earned money because you were afk!"
message_afk_actionbar_payout: "&6You earned &c%money% &6for 10 minutes online time while afk!"
message_atm_noperms: "&cYou don't have the permission to use ATM's!"
message_atm_nomoneyinbank: "&cYou don't have enough money in bank!"
message_atm_nomoney: "&cYou don't have enough money!"
# ATM -> Place down a sign with [atm] on the first line to use it!
enable_atm: true
atm_title: "&cATM"
atm_withdraw: "&cWithdraw"
atm_deposit: "&cDeposit"
atm_balance: "&cBank balance:"
  - 10.0
  - 100.0
  - 1000.0
  - 10000.0
# You can seperate the ATM balances for different worlds by group them. Just set group-atms to true and write atm_groups as described below.
# Note: Existing bank accounts will be removed when enabling this feature.
group-atms: false
# Example groups for seperating all worlds:
#  group1:
#  - world
#  group2:
#  - world_nether
#  group3:
#   - world_the_end
# Example groups for seperating skyblock worlds and survival worlds:
#  group1:
#  - ASkyblock_world
#  - Askyblock_spawn
#  group2:
#  - survival_world
#  - farm_world

/tim    - reloads the config. Permission: tim.reload
/atm <player> - opens the ATM for a certain player . Permission: tim.admin
/atm - opens the ATM for operating player. Permission: tim.use

tim.atm.place    - Permission to create ATM signs
tim.atm.use  - Permission to use ATM signs


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How to build ATM's?
Place down a sign containing [atm] in the first line, the other lines are optional. After that, the ATM is ready to use. If you want to get the money paid out by time is money stored in the bank, you would have to set store-money-in-bank in the config.yml to true.

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This plugin utilizes Linus122's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to spaceio.de:

* The server's version of Java
* Whether the server is in offline or online mode
* The plugin's version
* The server's version
* The OS version/name and architecture
* The core count for the CPU
* The number of players online
* The Metrics version
* Total disk space
* The plugin's author
Don't use the review function for bug reporting, use the discussion instead! You won't get help in reviews.