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Out-Of-The-Box Functionality
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UUID-Based Storage
Great Variety


The plugin takes advantage of the RAM to cache information, instead of repeatedly accessing the disk of the server.

Beautifully Customized
Each inventory item is individually customized to look beautiful and allow for a deeper meaning of its information.

Category Organization
Statistics are beautifully categorized based on their similarities. Accessing and remembering information is extremely easy.

Advanced Configuration
Despite the plugin's small size, it has everything you need in regards to controlling the plugin.

Plethora of Information
Regardless of the plugin's beautiful categorization, it also saves multiple information per categorized event.

Dependency Free
The plugin works out of the box by requiring no dependencies. Processes are run via events and schedulers.

MySQL Stats
Store and update global stats over a BungeeCord server-network with just a SQL database.

PlaceholderAPI Compatible
Syntax #1: %ustats_stats_<statistic/category>_<key>%
Example #1: %ustats_stats_PlayersKilled_amount%
Syntax #2: %ustats_topplayer_<statistic>%
Example #2: %ustats_topplayer_PlayersKilled%

Categories & Statistics
More statistics may be stored as sub-statistics.

/ustats reset <player> [stats-type]
/ustats reload/rl
/stats [player]

ultimatestatistics.admin gives you all permissions.
ultimatestatistics.reload allows you to reload the plugin.
ultimatestatistics.reset allows you to reset someone's stats.
ultimatestatistics.view allows you to view your stats.
ultimatestatistics.view.others allows you to view everyone's stats.
ultimatestatistics.category.(name) allows the viewing of a category in the inventory menu.
ultimatestatistics.statistic.(name) allows the viewing of a statistic in the inventory menu.

Category Selection
Category Information Example
Statistics Information Example

Compatibility Information
This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Any other server types "may work" but are not officially supported. Additionally, the English keyboard is supported but other may be incompatible. All incompatibilities can cause functionality & support difficulties.

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