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Consistently Developed Since 2019
Out-Of-The-Box Functionality
Simplified Configuration
Private Cloud Storage
Highly Customizable
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How it works?
Minecraft Server Website is a simple plugin. It provides you with all the necessary features a server needs and comes with an automatically hosted website on our part. You control everything via simple commands, no complicated configurations to mess with.


Hosted Website (Click Me)
This plugin has its own hosted website with a fully configurable design, subdomain & domain support, plenty of URLs, a support form, and everything else a server would need such as news, gameplays, statistics, leaderboards, etc.

Rank & Permission System
A permission system is included, allowing you to add but also remove specific permissions from players. All you need to do is select the rank's name and the rest will be automated by the plugin. Permanently or temporarily promote players to the relative rank without worrying.

Punishment System
An extremely advanced punishment system is included, allowing you to permanently or temporarily ban & mute players, but also kick in trivial situations. Every punishment is stored and is then available for view, ensuring you know what type of players you are dealing with.

Chat Protection
Moderating the chat is an important process, and this plugin does exactly that. Set chat and command cooldowns, but also block specific words you don't want players to type, and even block commands you do not wish anyone to have access to.

Player Statistics & Leaderboard
The plugin will constantly pay close attention to your players, collecting many complex statistics about them. Statistics will be stored as part of the chosen gameplay which will have its own leaderboard and stats viewer. (Previews: Statistics, Leaderboard)

Cloud Storage
Setting up such a system can be a complicated process. This product works out-of-the-box, meaning data will be securely passed thru HTTP-secure protocols and stored on an isolated database. No configurations or excessive backups are needed.

Example Screenshot
[img] tag

/msw allows you to control the plugin.
/info opens the information menu. (Configurable)

msw.admin gives you all permissions.
msw.reload allows you to execute the command /msio reload.
msw.manage allows you to configure the plugin.
msw.promote allows you to update a player's rank.
msw.punish allows you to use the punishment system.
msw.staff considers you as as a staff member in the website.

Compatibility Information
This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Any other server types "may work" but are not officially supported. Additionally, the English keyboard is supported but other may be incompatible. All incompatibilities can cause functionality & support difficulties.