Create pictures of people in-game.
This plugin only supports Java 11 or higher! Please make sure you are running the correct Java version.
There is currently a problem with the included 3D skin service. I'm working on a fix.
Which functionalities does ActionFoto have?
This plugin is for ThemePark servers who want to include ride pictures in their rides. You can take a picture of someone with one command, and then it will be shown on an itemframe on a display board. You can also give yourself a map with the image on it! 
You can change all the layers on the itemframe, and customize it how you want. Add an extra image, paste the bars as an overlay, or add some text. It is all possible with ActionFoto.
The plugin also supports TrainCarts, to easily create a picture of everyone in a train / cart.
How do I install ActionFoto?
  1. Install the .jar file in your plugins folder.
  2. Install the plugins MapReflectionAPI and ProtocolLib in your plugins folder.
  3. Restart your server.
  4. Done! Have fun with creating pictures.
Commands and permissions: 
Found out more about the ActionFoto plugin in our wiki. Here you can find the commands and permission, but also information about the layer system. 

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