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2.46.0 2 days ago
2.46.0 Changelog

- Added missing add_global_points effect

2.45.0 5 days ago
2.45.0 Changelog
- Added complete_advancement trigger
- Added advancements filter
- Added has_completed_advancement condition
- Added smith_item trigger
- Added open_crafting effect
- Added TAB integration: has_scoreboard_visible, has_boss_bar_visible

2.44.0 Nov 23, 2023
2.44.0 Changelog
- Fixed AttributeEffect console spam from last version
- Big improvements to are and aoe_blocks: they will now run from the supplied location, rather than from the player's location. You may need to update some effects to have a location_to_player mutator
- Fixed all_players, random_player, run_chain, and nested chains for non-player triggers
- Added victim_as_dispatcher mutator
- Fixed Block and Location dispatchers
- Added dispatcher_as_player and dispatcher_as_victim mutators
- Improved all existing triggers for Dispatcher system
- Fixed run_command effect
- Fixed click_block and click_entity triggers firing twice (Thanks PQGuanfang!)
- API: Added TriggerData#dispatcher - there is no corresponding TriggerParameter as trigger data will always contain a dispatcher
- Several other performance and stability improvements
- Added entity_break_door trigger
- Added entity_catch_fire_from_block trigger
- Added entity_catch_fire_from_entity trigger
- Added entity_damage trigger
- Added entity_damage_by_entity trigger
- Added entity_death trigger
- Added entity_spawn trigger
- Added entity_teleport trigger

2.43.0 Nov 21, 2023
2.43.0 Changelog
- Added new `Dispatcher` interface. A dispatcher can represent a Player, Entity, Block, or even the Server.
- Holders (e.g. Enchantment Levels, Talismans, EcoItems) are no longer held by Players, but by Dispatchers
- Chains / Effects are now triggered by Dispatchers
- Conditions are now checked against Dispatchers
- Triggers are now triggered by Dispatchers
For Developers:
- Deprecated most core API methods and replaced them with new Dispatcher-based methods: e.g. `registerHolderProvider` has been replaced with `registerSpecificHolderProvider<T>` and `registerGenericHolderProvider`
- `Effect#onEnable` and `Effect#onDisable` have had the player versions deprecated and replaced with new versions that take Dispatchers. Update your effects!
- `Condition#isMet` has had the player version deprecated and replaced with a new version that takes a Dispatcher
- All methods like `Player#holders`, `Player#updateHolders`, etc. have been deprecated and replaced with `Dispatcher<*>#holders` etc.
To convert between an `Entity` and a `Dispatcher`, just do `Entity#toDispatcher` - the core flow and most method names have remained the same.
Your existing Effects, Conditions, etc. will still work, however you should update them ASAP as the old methods will eventually be removed!

2.42.1 Nov 19, 2023
2.42.1 Changelog

- Added conditions.default-state-off-main-thread option in /plugins/libreforge/config.yml. This is for more advanced users and should help fix not-met-lines not showing up in rare edge cases. However, changing the value from true to false may also make not-met-lines show up when they shouldn't at times.

2.42.0 Nov 17, 2023
2.42.0 Changelog

- Added is_expression_true filter

2.41.0 Nov 11, 2023
2.41.0 Changelog
- Fixed take_damage causing errors on versions before 1.20
- Deprecated drop_item_for_player, use drop_item instead
- not-met-lines now also works with per-effect conditions
- Added cooldown_effects
- Added create_boss_bar, remove_boss_bar, and update_boss_bar effects

2.40.0 Nov 10, 2023
2.40.0 Changelog

- take_damage trigger will no longer trigger for void damage, /kill, or /suicide
- API: Added RegistrableCategory

2.39.0 Nov 5, 2023
2.39.0 Changelog
- Added is_op condition
- Added value to shoot_bow trigger, between 0 and 1 depending on bow pull
- Added value_above, value_below, and value_equals filters
- fully_charged filter now works with shoot_bow
- Added item_durability_above_percent and item_durability_below_percent filters

2.38.0 Oct 30, 2023
2.38.0 Changelog

- smelt trigger now gives the number of items smelted as the value
- Added optional filters for mine_vein

2.37.1 Oct 28, 2023
2.37.1 Changelog

- Fixed projectile_hit not working correctly

2.37.0 Oct 24, 2023
2.37.0 Changelog

- Added damage_offhand effect

2.36.1 Oct 19, 2023
2.36.1 Changelog
- AureliumSkills integration will no longer load if EcoSkills is installed
- Fixed is_behind_victim

2.36.0 Oct 14, 2023
2.36.0 Changelog

- Added is_passive filter

2.35.0 Oct 2, 2023
2.35.0 Changelog
- aoe and aoe_blocks now supports its effects having their own conditions, filters, mutators, and generic arguments
- API: Combined and deprecated MultiplierModifier and AdditionModifier. The replacement is now IdentifiedModifier

2.34.0 Sep 26, 2023
2.34.0 Changelog
- Fixed victim placeholders (Thanks PQguanfang!)
- Improved give_food effect (Thanks Keegan!)
- Added give_saturation, set_food, and set_saturation effects (Thanks Keegan!)
- Added replant_crops effect (Thanks Callum!)
- Fixed empty slots sometimes passing conditions like in_mainhand, in_offhand, etc.
- Cleaned up ItemData and ItemPoints
- Added option to not always process blocks with telekinesis, improves compatibility with other plugins

2.33.1 Sep 20, 2023
2.33.1 Changelog

- Fixed console spam caused by Paper ItemStack#isEmpty change for people not on the latest version

2.33.0 Sep 17, 2023
2.33.0 Changelog

- Nested chains now support their own Conditions, Mutators, Filters, and generic arguments like 'chance', 'repeat', 'cooldown', etc.

2.32.3 Sep 13, 2023
2.32.3 Changelog
- Fixed color parsing in run_command and run_player_command
- Fixed plugin not starting up on paper 1.17.1
- Fixed standing_on_block not working for non full-height blocks
- click_entity trigger now only fires for living entities

2.32.2 Sep 7, 2023
2.32.2 Changelog
- Fixed spectral and tipped arrows not working with bow_attack
- aoe and aoe_blocks now start at the player's eye location

2.32.1 Sep 2, 2023
2.32.1 Changelog
- Fixed beam and scan_in_front AOE shapes not working properly
- particle_line effect now fires from eye height
- Fixed bugs with counters
- Fixed empty_bucket

2.32.0 Aug 31, 2023
2.32.0 Changelog
- Added aoe_blocks effect, works the same as aoe but affects blocks instead of entities
- Effects given to aoe and aoe_blocks now also have the location of the entity/block, useful to have particle animations etc
- Added beam AOE shape
- break_block effect now prevents re-triggering of other block mining effects (e.g. mine_radius)

2.31.0 Aug 30, 2023
2.31.0 Changelog
- Fixed alt_click firing twice if clicking on a block
- Added location to consume trigger (allows more effects to be used on it)
- Added item data system, like item points but for strings: comes with two new effects (set_item_data, remove_item_data), and two new conditions (has_item_data, item_data_equals).
- Added %libreforge_item_data_<key>% placeholder to be used with items

2.30.0 Aug 26, 2023
2.30.0 Changelog
- Added is_falling condition
- Added is_flying condition
- Added is_boss filter to replace only_bosses and only_non_bosses
- Fixed play_sound
- API: Improved SlotType to be more general-purpose
- Fixed deprecation messages not being sent. You may get warnings in console when updating, just update your configs with what the warnings say

2.29.2 Aug 23, 2023
2.29.2 Changelog
- Fixed set_item_points not working in most situations
- Fixed set_custom_model_data not working in most situations
- Fixed item_durability_above and item_durability_below filters not always working as expected

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