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Plugin Description:

AdminBans is a comprehensive and versatile Minecraft plugin designed to empower server administrators with powerful moderation tools. With its extensive range of features, including banning, muting, kicking, and warning players, AdminBans provides a robust solution for maintaining a safe and enjoyable Minecraft community.

One of the standout features of AdminBans is its seamless integration with a website interface. This interface serves as a centralized hub where administrators can conveniently access and manage logs related to player warnings, bans, kicks, and mutes. This streamlined system allows administrators to easily review and keep track of disciplinary actions taken, ensuring transparency and accountability within the server.

AdminBans also supports MySQL, enabling multiple Minecraft servers to connect and share data. This feature promotes efficient moderation across various servers, eliminating the need for redundant administration efforts. By consolidating ban, mute, kick, and warn data in a central database, AdminBans ensures consistent enforcement of rules and enhances the overall moderation experience for server administrators.

In summary, the AdminBans Minecraft plugin offers a comprehensive set of moderation tools, including banning, muting, kicking, and warning players. Its integrated website interface enhances transparency and accessibility by providing a centralized hub for reviewing disciplinary actions. Additionally, the MySQL support enables data sharing across multiple Minecraft servers, promoting efficient moderation practices. With AdminBans, server administrators can effectively maintain order and foster a safe environment within their Minecraft communities.


  • /ban
  • /unban
  • /banip
  • /ban-ip
  • /unbanip
  • /mute
  • /unmute
  • /warn
  • /kick
  • /banlist
  • /mutelist
  • /adminbans help
  • /adminbans reload
  • /adminbans import bukkit -> only available in console

  • adminbans.ban
  • adminbans.ban.exempt
  • adminbans.banip
  • adminbans.unbanip
  • adminbans.mute
  • adminbans.mute.exempt
  • adminbans.warn
  • adminbans.warn.exempt
  • adminbans.kick
  • adminbans.kick.exempt
  • adminbans.banlist
  • adminbans.mutelist
  • adminbans.reload

Website Interface (Download link)
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Plugins that uses AdminBans API:
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