5.0.5 3 days ago

Now you can mute the chat with adminchat.

5.0.0 SNAPSHOT Sep 28, 2020

You can now put Admin GUI Premium into bungee plugins folder, enable bungee support in config file and control players from other servers.

4.2.1 Sep 2, 2020

Added freeze option and /admin reload command can now recreate missing files.

4.2.0 Sep 1, 2020

Added support for Hex colors and 140+ predefined CSS colors in Admin Chat.

4.1.9 Jun 28, 2020

Fixed spawners in 1.16.x Minecraft server version. So now Admin GUI Premium fully support 1.16.x Minecraft server versions.

4.1.8 Jun 23, 2020

Now you can change default chat color for each player thru GUI. (This require Admin Chat to be enabled)

4.1.7 Jun 21, 2020

Reduced plugin size with switching to HikariCP for faster MySQL connection.

4.1.6 Jun 19, 2020

Added Japanese language.

4.1.5 Jun 13, 2020