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  1. Animation Visibility Options [3 Options]


  1. Visible to everyone. Players can see each other’s crate animations.
  2. Visible only by the opener. Players can only see their own crate animations.
  3. Visible via proximity system. Configure the radius based on how close the player is until the animation becomes visible.
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  1. No Lag


  1. This plugin calculates EVERYTHING on a different processor core than the server is being run on (async).
  2. This plugin uses packets for ALL ANIMATIONS which means that the server does not need to process any of the information.
  1. In-Game Editor


  1. Create new rewards in-game by dropping a reward into a GUI – instantly saving it to the files.
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  1. Create new crates and rewards from scratch.

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  2. rZowrtW.png
  1. Customize ANY configuration file in-game.

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  1. Reward Rerolling System


  1. Allow players to reroll the crate if they don’t like the reward – this can be based on permissions.

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  1. Create ladders of permissions so some users can reroll more times than others.

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  1. Different Crate Options


  1. Stationary Crate. Have a block crate that needs to be right-clicked with a key to be opened (left-click to view rewards).
  2. Lootbox Crate. Have a place-able item which will open once placed on the ground (left-click while holding to view rewards).
  1. Particle Animations [5 Animations]


  1. Reward Rolling. This allows each reward item to be displayed 1 by 1 on top of the crate to showcase the contents.
    1. wJW8MVY.gif

  1. 4 Unique Animations. You’re able to use any particles for these!

  1. x8AL3oM.gifRcOSBZH.gifZ9k962C.gifPnaW7RD.gif

  1. Other Features


  1. Final Message Showcasing the rewards that the player has received, either globally or player-only.

  1. 5r7Fw73.png
  1. Shift-Right-Click to open the crate instantly.

  1. Model crates as players / skins / mobs / blocks.

  1. Customizable Crate Reward Previews. Everything can be customized with the in-game editor!

  1. *POPULAR* Random Number Generator.

  1. *POPULAR* One-Time-Only Rewards. You're able to a specific reward to only be rewarded once.

  1. *POPULAR* Unique Rewards. Make rewards not repeat in the same opening.

  1. *POPULAR* Special Rewards. Have a separate pool of rewards for a player to win.

  1. *POPULAR* Linked Rewards. Let players to win multiple rewards if they land on a specific reward.

  1. Reward Actions which allows you to have specific commands / messages on certain rewards.

  1. Built-in Holograms. No need to download any external plugins.

  1. Reward Holograms.

  1. Animation Skipping.

  1. Virtual & Physical Crate Keys.

  1. Customize the amount of rewards that can be in the animation.

  1. Customize the amount of crates (lootboxes) that can be placed at the same time.

  1. Customize the radius of how close crates (lootboxes) can be placed to each other.

  1. ItemsAdder Support.

  1. Oraxen Support.

  1. PlaceholderAPI Hook.

  1. Citizens Support.

  1. HeadDatabase Support.

  1. HEX Colors & Gradient Support.

  1. Custom Model Data Support.

Please note the following (Terms of License);

- You are responsible for what happens with the plugin after you download, therefore, if plugin is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a warning and be obligated to report you.
- You may not redistribute plugin, in any shape or form neither its code nor parts of it.
- No refunds, as one does not have a right to get a refund for such a digital item, because you have gained access to it instantly and may have used it.


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