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AdvancedCrates - a crates plugin with the most EXCEPTIONAL animations for your server
This plugins focuses on making the experience of opening crates a cut above of any other server

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(Note: Speed of animations, amount of rewards and many other things can be changed)




Have no worry about the size of the animations,
you can have them be visible only by the opener
or use a proximity feature


And this is just a fraction of what the plugin can offer

  1. Animations [17 Completely different animations available]
    1. This plugin provides ability to use 17 animations which can be customized to look differently than they originally come out of the box.
      1.   Knight Animation (Click to view)
      2.   Minion Animation (Click to view)
      3.   YinYang Animation (Click to view)
      4.   Quick Animation (Click to view)
      5.   Air Strike Animation (Click to view)
      6.   Meteor Shower Animation (Click to view)
      7.   Reveal Animation (Click to view)
      8.   Breakout Animation (Click to view)
      9.   Split Animation (Click to view)
      10.   Cosmic Animation (Click to view)
      11.   Round Animation (Click to view)
      12.   Contraband Animation (Click to view)
      13.   Display Animation (Click to view)
      14.   Pyramid Animation (Click to view)
      15.   Round2 Animation (Click to view)
      16.   NoAnimation Animation (Click to view)
      17.   Pouch Animation (Click to view)

Animation Visibility Options [3 Options]

  1. Visible by everyone. Players always see each others crates animations
  2. Visible only by the opener. Only the player who is opening the crate can see the crate's animation
  3. Visible via proximity system. Customize the radius based on how close you want each crate to become invisible to other players excluding the opener so they can open a crate in peace
    1.   Proximity System Example (Click to view)


  1. Plugin calculates everything on a different processor core than the server is being ran on (ASync)
  2. Plugin uses packets for all of the animations, meaning the server doesn't need to process any of the information


  1. Easily create new rewards in-game by dropping a reward into a GUI and instantly saving it to the files
    1.   Drag and Drop Rewards (Click to view)
  2. Easily create new crates and rewards from scratch in game
    1.   Create New Crate In-Game (Click to view)
    2.   Create New Reward In-Game (Click to view)

Easily customize ANY configuration in game

  1.   Customizing Holograms In-Game (Click to view)

Crate rewards Reroll System

  1. Allow players to reroll the crate if they don't like the reward based on permissions
    1.   Reroll Example (Click to view)
  2. Create ladders of permissions so some users can reroll more times than others
    1.   Reroll Permission Levels (Click to view)

Crate Options

  1. Stationary Crate. Have a block crate that needs to be right clicked with a key to be opened. Can be left-clicked to check rewards
  2. Lootbox crate. Have a place-able crate which once placed will open an animation in the place of placement. Rewards can be previewed by left-clicking while holding the crate/lootbox item

Stationary crate's Particle Animations [5 different animations]

  1. Reward rolling. Have each reward's item displayed 1 by 1 on top of the crate to showcase the contents of the crate
    1.   Reward Rolling Animation (Click to view)
  2. 4 Unique animations which can be played with any particles
    1.   Preview of Particle Animations (Click to view)

Other Features

  1. Final Message letting the user / whole server know what the opener has received
    1.   Final Message (Click to view)
  2. No external dependencies required!
  3. Shift to open instantly
  4. ItemsAdder Support
  5. Oraxen Support
  6. PlaceholderAPI Hook
  7. Citizens Support
  8. Model crates as Players / Skins / Mobs
  9. Custom Crate's Rewards Previews (Customize them fully to your liking! All done easily with the in game editor)
  10. HeadDatabase heads support
  11. Hex Colors & Gradients Support
  12. Random Number generator in reward's commands
  13. One time only rewards - Make it so players can only receive a reward once
  14. Unique rewards - Make rewards not repeat in the same opening
  15. Special prizes - have a separate pool of rewards for a player to win as a Extra Good Reward
  16. Linked Rewards - let players be able to win multiple rewards if they land on a certain reward
  17. Random Crate's prize amount support
  18. Reward Actions (Commands / Messages sent on certain rewards)
  19. Custom Model Data Support
  20. Crate Holograms
  21. Reward Holograms
  22. Animation Skipping
  23. Virtual & Physical Keys
  24. Customize how many rewards will be in the animations
  25. Customize the amount of crates (lootboxes) that can be placed at the same time in the world
  26. Customize the radius of how close crates (lootboxes) can be placed to each other




Terms of License


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