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Advanced Chests is the plugin you need to make normal Minecraft chests look BIGGER!
Make chests with unlimited size and enjoy this new possiblity.

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You can even make your own upgrades for the chests and expand their slots with a custom price
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You can also sort your chest with a simple button!
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You can also sell all the chest content!
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Why use furnaces? when you can smelt all your content with a simple click!
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Compress your ores and turn them into blocks!
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Schedule automatic sells for each chest!

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Plugin Features:
  • Create custom chests
    • Unlimited amount of advanced chests
    • Unlimited size for your chests
    • Change the Inventory display name (Colored names)
    • Add custom crafting recipes!
    • Shulker boxes and Barrel support!
  • Upgrades
    • Expand the slots of the chests
    • Make upgrades
    • Put a price per upgrade
  • Holograms
    • Holographics Displays Support!
    • CMI Support!
    • Add custom titles to your chests!
  • Sorter
    • You can sort your chest with a simple button!
  • Sells
    • You can sell all the chest content with a simple button!
    • Essentials Support!
    • ShopGUIPlus Support!
    • zShop Support!
  • Smelter
    • You can smelt your chest content with a simple button!
  • Compressor
    • You can compress your ores and other materials to turn them into blocks
  • Automatic Sells
    • Schedule automatic sells for you chests
    • Edit the sells frequency
    • Toggle this option
    • Set a tax
  • Hopper Compatible
    • The chests are compatible with vanilla hoppers
  • Intuitive Configuration
    • Config with explanation
    • Include basic examples     
    • Configure details
      • Edit names
      • Edit lore
    • Configure options
      • Enable/disable tnt protection
      • Enable/disable Creeper protection
    • Configure upgrades
      • Enable/disable upgrades for specific chests
      • Edit upgrade prices
  • Compatibility
    • Vault
    • Multiverse Core
    • Royale Economy
    • Insights
    • Essentials
    • ShopGuiPlus
    • zShop
    • CMI
    • Holographics Displays
    • WildTools
    • NBTAPI






If you find any bug you can also me a private message via spigot or contact me on my personal discord: DeadSilenceIV#5307

Terms of service:
You can not impersonate the author.
You can not distribute the code.
You may askme for support.
No refunds.

Please don't post bad reviews if you haven't asked me for support!