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AdvancedEnchantments is the first Spigot Custom Enchants Plugin that allows you to create custom enchantments without any programming knowledge. Custom enchants are integrated with enchantment table and anvil, Enchanter and Tinkerer.

Download community enchantments from cloud using /ae market in-game!

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Custom Enchantments [Over 450 Unique Enchantments Available]
This plugin provides ability to create enchantments with simple configuration. The enchantments are easy to create and to customize already pre-made ones
We have pre-made configurations of big popular servers
Your favorite plugins supported
• McMMO, Aurelium Skills
• WorldGuard
• LuckPerms
• Geyser (Bedrock)
• CoreProtect
• Grief Prevention
• Skyblock Plugins (ASkyBlock, Iridium Skyblock, SuperiorSkyblock2)
• Lands
• Vulcan Anti-Cheat, AAC, etc..
• ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MMOItems
• Factions plugins
• Towny
• PlotSquared
• Residence
And many others...
Advanced Enchantment Configuration [Cooldowns, Chances, and More]
• Easily modify enchantment settings such as cooldowns, chances,    and souls required per level, along with the enchantment effects.
Fine-tune when enchantments activate and how their chances          evolve, customizable for each level.
Utilize built-in effects to influence players during battles or create      thrilling area-of-effect (AOE) events!
Hassle-Free Configuration Auto Updater
Simply drag and drop the newest plugin version, and watch it              seamlessly integrate all the latest settings.
Stay stress-free with the frequent updates this plugin gets, ensuring    you always have the best features at your fingertips.
Exceptionally Reliable
Our dedicated team meticulously tests every feature to ensure you    enjoy the best possible experience, free from any issues.
Personalized Mob Drops
Set custom items, including enchantment books, to drop from          mobs with adjustable chances, creating a unique and engaging        loot experience.
Comprehensive Wiki & Support
Detailed wiki with guides, explanations and information is available at https://ae.advancedplugins.net
Join our 7,000+ members at https://discord.gg/advancedplugins if you need assistance.
Custom Armor Sets
Create unique armor sets with custom effects, requiring players to equip all four pieces for the full set bonus.
Apply any effect to the armor, from helpful potions to electrifying lightning strikes.
With support for all enchantment effects, the possibilities for customizing your armor sets are endless.
Plugin Items
Experience the ultimate gameplay with our variety of plugin items, designed to enhance your server with unique features and customizability.
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Enchantment Slots
• Limit the number of enchantments per item.
• Increase the number of slots available on an item by applying a "Slot Increaser" within the boundaries set in the configuration file.

• Purchase enchantment books to reveal true enchantments by right-clicking or instantly.
• Re-configure the Enchanter to sell books for a different economy, such as in-game currency.
• Add items that execute commands for players/console with a price.

• Exchange enchanted armor for experience, or exchange custom enchant books for secret dust.
• Secret dust has a chance of dropping magic dust, which improves the success rate of a given rarity enchant book.

God Kits
• Create unique, god-like kits with a timed cooldown to reward your donators.
• Assign custom enchantments from the plugin, including your own, with randomized levels and chances of applying.

• Create enchantments that use this "virtual" economy for activation.
• Gather souls by killing players with Soul Trackers equipped.
• Set a soul price for each enchantment level to make players pay-to-activate their enchantments.
• Withdraw souls from items to SoulGems (via command /withdrawsouls) and store them on armor!

• Create unique, common, and other dust types, as well as Randomization Scrolls and more.
• Define a specific color for each enchantment group.

Factions & McMMO Support
• Add conditions for enchantments to work with Factions and McMMO.
• Check player territories and assign effects to faction members/enemies in radius and more.

• Combine two dusts for a better success rate.
• Combine two enchantment books for increased enchantment level, such as two Speed I books for Speed II.

Currently features 3+ configurations.
* Share your paid premades by posting a ref. link to it in discord in order to have it featured in the list

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Still not convinced this is the right plugin for you? This plugin is
  • #1 Minecraft Custom Enchantments plugin by player count
  • #1 Premium Enchants plugin on SpigotMC by downloads
  • #1 Premium Enchants plugin by using server count
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      • /enchanter - Open Enchanter; no permission
      • /tinkerer - Open Tinkerer; no permission
      • /ae - Main plugin command; no permission (aliases: /ce, /customenchants)
      • /ae about - Information about current build; no permission
      • /ae list - List all custom enchantments; ae.list
      • /ae admin - Open a menu with all possible enchantments (100% success rate); ae.admin
      • /ae giveitem <player> <item> - Give various plugin items; ae.giveitem
      • /ae give <player> <enchantment> <level> - Give custom enchanted book; ae.give
      • /ae info <enchantment> - Information about custom enchantment; ae.info
      • /ae reload - Reload all configurations; ae.reload
      • /ae enchant <enchantment> <level> - Enchant held item; ae.enchant
      • /ae greset <player> <gkit> - Reset GKit for a player; ae.gkits
      • /ae givebook <player> <enchantment> <level> <count> <success> <destroy> - Give book with specific rates; ae.givebook
      • /ae pasteenchants - Paste a formatted list of enchants (e.g.); ae.admin
explanation: (command) - (description);(permission)
Optional Dependencies:
* Vault
* Factions Plugins

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*please notice that these are just examples and everything can be changed (names, item types, inventory layouts, items, etc.) in configuration.

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Permissions can be found here (all current permissions for commands and other feature accessibility)
Terms of Service (you agree to, by buying/downloading this plugin from www.spigotmc.org):
More information about enchantment creation and configuration is provided with configuration files

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If you have questions or come across any issues, do not report them in Discussions thread. I do not get notifications for replies - use Discord or Github.